Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Autumn 2014, Destination France, Bordeaux Area (perhaps).

Final Preparations, Complete, Tuesday 9th September 2014 

It must be some form of perverse "human nature" thing, but, I spend the summer rescuing the garden from the neglect resulting from our campervan trips, then, just as it is looking "rather good", we go away again!

True, perhaps it is not up to Alan Titchmarsh standards, but, to me, it is looking "rather good".

The scooter is loaded on the trailer, the van is packed.

Our "pencil plan" this trip, is to meander south from Calais, taking in La Rochelle and then Bordeaux. It remains to be seen if that is what happens!

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  1. Linda says you've missed a bit, just to the left of the arch
    Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves
    Brian & Linda