Thursday, 18 September 2014

Chateau-d'Olonne, continued

Wednesday 17th September 2014 - Thursday 19th September 2014

Off to the dentist with Kathleen, for 10:00am appointment.

All goes smoothly, almost an hour to do a root filling, and make a temporary repair, she will have to get a crown on the tooth, when we get home.

It costs 106Euro, which is about the same as it would have cost at an NHS dentist back in the UK. Not sure if we will get any of that back on our E111. If we do, perhaps the moral of the story is, why not come to France for dental treatment, it may be cheaper!

 photo IMGP2911_zps690a05d0.jpg After lunch, a long walk through the countryside, past this restored Abbey (not open), dating from 1100.

Then ice cream, and a leisurely walk back along the coast.

Thursday. A bit of a hypothetical day. For example, hypothetically, if Kathleen had a grey hair in her head, today would be the day for me to exercise my NVQ skills in the application of hair dye.

So, that is Thursday morning (hypothetically) occupied, hair dyeing, followed by the obligatory hair washing, drying straightening etc.

 photo IMGP2912_zpsbe4050a2.jpg Amazingly, in the afternoon, Kathleen agrees to go cycling. 

Normally after a "hair session" Kathleen would not agree to wear a cycle helmet for at least two days, it must be those uppers she is taking.

A ten mile cycle ride, plus of course, refreshments en-route.

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  1. It looks like you had pleasant visit to the dentist! Well, nothing says "my teeth are in great shape" better than an ice cream after the appointment. Plus, it's never a bad idea to treat yourself after a good visit to a doctor. Take care!

    George McEvoy @ Patrick E. McEvoy, DDS