Saturday, 13 September 2014

Honfluer, contd

Saturday 13th September 2014

Yesterday, we walked to the top of an enormous hill, where the church Notre Dame de Grace is located. The young lady in the Tourist Information Office, had told Kathleen there was a Mass there on Saturday evening. Clearly, the young lady either has a sense of humour, and does not like the English, and/or, she is not a church goer. There is not a mass there on Saturday!.

In our usual way, we appear to have stumbled upon some form of "local event", as we walk into town, there are enormous crowds of people, roads closed, and, a chaotic French market.

All jolly good fun.

I acquire a new belt, Kathleen tries on numerous hats and pairs of shoes, and buys no less than two purses, to keep her enormous wealth in.

We have lunch by the harbour, Moules and Frites (what else?) for me, and Pizza for Kathleen, plus of course copious red wine, followed by an excellent Tarte Pomme de Normande. We round off with Cointreau for Kathleen and Calvados for me.

When we emerge from eating, we find the cause of all of the crowds is a Cycle Race. There appears to be hundreds of participants, all dressed in lycra, with very expensive looking bicycles. But, I assume it is a fun thing, since many of them do not look, how can I say this, very fit?

We have a rest to recover from lunch, then, go out on our bicycles, unknown to us, the cycling event is still going on, and, spectators cheer us as we peddle along on our folding bikes!

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