Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Sunnydale Campsite, Netley Abbey (N50 53'8" W1 20'30")

Monday, 20th May 2019

Another warm and dry day, as we leave Windsor. I am almost embarrassed to mention the weather, just in case Doug Shearer is reading this, as they are not having much joy with the spring weather in France, Switzerland and Germany.

A pleasant surprise, when Gary calls in to see us off.

Only a short journey (66 miles) to Sunnydale Farm Campsite, Netley Abbey (N50 53'8" W1 20'30"), however, in true UK Motorway style, the first the M4, then, the M27 are plagued by road works and subsequent hold ups.

First impressions are favourable, very friendly wardens, we even get a fully serviced pitch,
with grey waste disposal, fresh water, and EHU on our pitch.  

I am finally able to make use of the three metre length of waste water hose, which I have been carrying about for the past two years!.

Slight reservation about the rather busy road, which may prove a problem for our planned cycling outings, but, we will give it a try.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019

A beautiful day, full sunshine, 22C.

The road outside the site proves not as worrying as we feared. 

The plan is to find the Catholic Church (St Patrick, Woolston), then, to explore. After a little guidance from Stella (Owner), we find our way to an excellent cycle track along the coast

We first go toward Southampton, and quickly find the church, then, returning via the coast to Netley, where we stopped for refreshments, at the Prince Consort Pub, then, on through Royal Victoria Country Park, to Hamble-le-Rice, and back to Sunnydale Campsite. just over thirteen miles, and, not a word of complaint.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

Another beautiful day. 

Kathleen spends the time before about 9:30 on "hair care', a vitally important activity.

This means there will be no bicycle riding today, "what, put a cycle helmet on and mess up my hair?", not to mention, " get all hot and sweaty, after I have spent ages straightening my hair?".

We explore on foot, just under five miles.

First our route takes us through a nature reserve, very peaceful and pretty, but, we do not see as much as a mouse. We eventually emerge at the ruins of Netley Abbey, a very picturesque and well preserved example of one of Henry VIII's "acquisitions".

We take a few photographs, with my (to me) expensive new camera, all "point and click" since we have not mastered anything except the "zoom" feature yet!

Then, a stroll along the coastal footpath,
with a stop for picnic lunch, and, refreshments in the pub (Prince Consort).

We then become "all adventurous" and make our way back by "instinct", and, by chance, find: another COOP,  another Catholic Church, and, a route back which involved hardly any "on road" walking.

Friday, 17 May 2019

To Windsor - Family Event - Queens Acre (N51.4903, W0.6819)

Thursday, 16th May 2019

Another short UK trip. To Windsor, to see Gary, Susana, Gabriel and Salma. 

Gabriel is making his first Holy Communion on Saturday, 18th May 2019, so, we will be attending that, as well as doing the usual Grandparent moves of marvelling at how tall they are now, how they have advanced etc etc.

290 miles. We anticipate traffic delays as we approach London, but, it is completely the opposite, tail backs and hold ups around Tees-side, before we have even gone 60 miles, then, plain sailing, helped partly by our alternative route via the M40, which avoids the dreaded M25.

We arrive at Queens Acre (N51.4903, W0.6819), more improvements to the site, there is now a separate CAMC CL area. Pitches are on hardstanding, with well paced EHU points. A small facilities area, with kitchen (fridge, freezer, microwave, washing up sink), plus, toilet, shower, and even a bath!.

The site is located just off the busy A308, but, we are not able to hear any discernible traffic noise. 

Friday, 17th May 2019

After days of excellent weather, while we were at home, today is overcast, cool, with occasional rain showers.

Undeterred we go cycling with Gary, 16 miles, in a circuit from Queens Acre, to Maidenhead, along the River Thames Path to Windsor and back to Queens Acre.

Saturday, 18th May 2019

A slightly better day weatherise, a little warmer and brighter.

We attend Gabriel's first Holy Communion, at St Edwards Catholic Church, Windsor. As expected, Gabriel is his usual calm and competent self. 

We round off the day with a very pleasant lunch in Windsor

Sunday, 19th May 2019

Dry and warm.

Gabriel is having an early birthday party (Paintball Party).

There are what seem like dozens of friends attending, who, when dressed in their protective "combat gear" all look the same, it is not even possible to tell the boys from the girls!

They have the whole day of firing paint ball "bullets" at each other in a mini forest. They periodically emerge, hot and sweaty, but, smiling, to be fed and watered!


Sunday, 14 April 2019

Bridlington CAMC Site contd.

Friday, 12th April 2019

Blue sky, but, cold again.

A lazy day, although we still manage to walk four miles.

Saturday, 13th April 2019


Thursday, 11 April 2019

Bridlington CAMC Site contd.

Tuesday, 9th April 2019

Sunny and 8C, at 09:00, but, we are on the East Coast, and, there is a cold NE Wind blowing off the sea.

A walk to Flamborough, which turns out to be a beautifully kept place, which somehow supports no less than four pubs! 

Despite the availability of pubs, Kathleen opts for a light lunch in Copperfields Cafe, and, what an excellent choice. A pot of real Yorkshire tea, with decent size cups, none of these fancy thimbles, and a real bacon sandwich (plenty of bacon, plus, mushrooms in mine, egg in Kathleen's) and only £8! We paid £10.60 on Bridlington Promenade for an tiny coffee and second rate cream scone each! As if that is not enough, the staff are incredibly friendly, the Manager even comes out of the Cafe with us to direct us to the coastal path.

Suitably refreshed, we walk back along the coastal path, via Danes Dyke Nature Reserve, very scenic, but, rather a lot of steps for our poor old knees. Just over six miles in total.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019

The weather forecast (full sunshine, and 9C) is initially very wrong, full cloud more like, but, by 11:00 it has come good.

A leisurely day today, after our walking marathons of the previous two days.

A trip to the nearest Supermarket (CooP), which is about two miles away,  to replenish supplies of wine and treats, followed by a visit to the nearest pub (The Martonian Inn), to check out it's possible suitability for lunch to tomorrow. I think we will have to search further afield.

Adjacent to The Martonian Inn, there are no fewer than three caravan sites! Two are "static" type sites, but, the third, The Populars, (N54.112094, W0.171503) is a Touring site, and, looks very attractive, it is almost half the price of the Bridlington CAMC Site, worth noting for the future, perhaps. We walk a paltry 4.7 miles today.

Thursday, 11th April 2019

A cloudy start, but, by lunch time blue skies and sunshine, and 10C.

We (well Kathleen) decides on a day in Beverley

This means two buses, first, the No14, into Bridlington , followed by the 121 to Beverley.

Things do not start well. The No14 arrives at 9:29, one minute before our Concessionary Passes are useable. It costs £4.40 to travel into Bridlington, Kathleen is not amused (even although she didn't pay!), and, is even more miffed when half a dozen "oldies" get on at the next stop (after the magical 9:30) brandishing the Concessionary Passes.

We have half an hour to waste at Bridlington Bus Station, a visit to the nearest coffee shop for coffee and cream donuts. It is a Greggs, so, I really feel we aught to have had sausage rolls or a cheese pasty.

The 121 arrives, and we head for Beverley, a one hour ride away. By the time we have got halfway there, Kathleen has come to terms with the 9:30 rule. I do point out her that I don't understand what she is complaining about, it is me who has spent £10 on bus fares and coffee, before we have even left Bridlington. My suggestion that Kathleen should buy lunch, to redress the balance, does not meet with any enthusiasm.

Beverley is a nice place, not much in the way of major shops (who cares?) but, quaint, bustling and clean.

A stroll around town, a visit to Beverley Minster, followed by lunch in The Green Dragon (no, she didn't pay).

On our return to Bridlington CAMC Site, in late afternoon, it is even warm enough sit outside eating Magnums.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Bridlington CAMC Site

Sunday, 7th April 2019

Not a promising start, cold, grey and damp.

A rather varied journey of approximately 100 miles, travelling along the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. We probably spent some time travelling along the coast too, but, it was too murky to actually see the sea.

Bridlington CAMC Site (N54.111481, W0.158237), is rather smart, even by CAMC standards, it is however expensive, not sure how they can justify £35/night (for members), in early April, no wonder the site is not full! Good mobile signal on O2, 3, including 4G, so, no need to pay even more for the site Wifi.

Monday, 8th April 2019

A degree or two warmer today, and, the murk has cleared enough to make the sea visible.

A long walk (6.8 miles), via Sewerby Hall, and the Ship Inn to Bridlington. 

The coastal path is rather beautiful, and, the Promenade in Bridlington is very well looked after. 

Bridlington town is eminently missable, all the signs of a UK Town, in decline, (ie, a surplus of overweight, tracksuit clad clientele in the shopping centre, a large Brighthouse, a large Sports Direct, and, a large Herons. There must surely be a large Wetherspoons too, but, I did not notice it).

Friday, 22 March 2019

Ferry Meadows CAMC Site (contd)

Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Fog at first, but, by 9:00, it is clear, and a little blue sky, at 10C.

The weather soon improves to be warm enough to sit outside a pub, having lunch!

We explore more the "Green Wheel", a sort of cyclists "ring road" around Peterborough. 

We cover 15.4 miles, mostly on good tarmac cycling tracks, but, with enough "rough stuff" to raise an "observation" or two from Kathleen. 

We stop at the Boathouse Pub, where we are able to sit outside in the sun and have a very pleasant lunch (superior to The
Granary, yesterday). The remainder of the afternoon is spent sitting in the sunshine, reading and eating Magnums. It is a hard life.

Thursday, 21st March 2019

It looks as if it is going to be an even better day, typical, when we are leaving!

Just under 200 miles, major roads for most of the way.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Ferry Meadows CAMC Site

Monday, 18th March 2019

Cloudy with a little sun, and 11C, promising.

We get the bicycles out, for the first time this trip. Eight Miles around the Nene Valley Park, and, to the nearest Supermarket. There are so many cycle tracks, we will have to acquire a map, or, become hopelessly lost!

After a spell of sitting in in the sun (yes, it is true, sitting in the sun, in the UK, in mid-March), we round off the afternoon with a three mile walk through Nene Park.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019

A mix of cloud and sun, with a very reasonable 15C.

Cycle riding, with the aid of a map today! Via route 62 to Bretton, then, along the "Green Wheel" route, and route 12 to town centre, and then, back to Ferry Meadows. 11.80 Miles.

The plan today, eating wise, is Lunch at The Cuckoo, but, when we passed yesterday, it looked as if building works were in progress, and, today, they are not answering their
phone, so, it is The Granary, a Beefeater Pub. Very pleasant place, but, with adequate rather than remarkable food.