Friday, 12 September 2014

To Dover and on to Honfluer

Wednesday, 10th September 2014 - Friday 12th September 2014

The day begins badly, major traffic jam on the A19, we get only 30 miles from home, and then crawl for one hour through Teesside.

Licques, Pommiers des Trois Pays N50 46’ 47” E1 56’52”

A site we have been to before, easy to get to from Calais, but, not much else to recommend it. At 17.20Euro a night definitely not a bargain.

Honfluer. Aire. N49 25.150’ E0 14.586’.

We arrive Thursday morning at Honfluer, at a very large Aire, 10Euro per night, including Electric Hookup, if you can get it.

It is very full when we arrive, there must be well over 100 vans parked.

We are fortunate to arrive, just as a Belgian van is leaving, and we get a spot, but, no spare electricity hook-ups.

Nevertheless, a pleasant spot, as you can see, this is the view from our front window.

The advantage of the Aire being large is, there is a rapid turnover, on Friday morning, we get an electric hookup.

That, coupled with a stroll into town, which shows Honfluer to be a beautiful French seaside town, increases Kathleen's enthusiasm for the place.

Lots of quaint, narrow streets to explore, bars, cafes. It is warm and sunny, what more can anyone need?

Well, for Kathleen, there is one more thing, a church, with mass on Saturday evening, or Sunday!

A visit to the Tourist Office, and that problem is solved.

Clearly we will be here until Sunday, at least.

Let me see, we have Electricity, we have found a cash machine to get some Euros, Kathleen has found a church, that is the major items dealt with, it is time to find a bar and have a drink.

Plenty of choices around the old port. This has clearly once been a functioning

port/harbour, but, now, it is a mooring place for pleasure craft and fishing boats, surrounded by typically French buildings and literally dozens of places to eat and drink.

An ideal spot to while away an hour or two, until lunch time.

Kathleen is still on the energy pills (Prendeslone), so, after lunch, it is out with the bicycles and cycling along the coast.

Beautiful, if a little hilly!

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