Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 - Thursday 24th July 2014

Cromer, Incleboro Fields, Caravan Club Site, contd...

Today, Wednesday and a beautiful sunny day.

Kathleen wishes to visit the Catholic Shrine at Walsingham.

A quick check on the computer shows that getting there by bus is not going to be easy, and is going to take over an hour.

The idea of going on the scooter is not popular, on the basis that it is "too far". The sat-nav says it is 28 miles away. After studying the map, for short cuts, and with fingers firmly crossed, I manage to convince Kathleen it is only 20 miles each way.

So, following my "short route", A149 to Blakeney, then B1156 to Langham,  unclassified road to Binham, then on to Walsingham.

All is well to Binham, but, then, the road is closed, and we have to follow a signposted diversion, which takes us via Wells-next-the-Sea, we may as well have followed the sat-nav route!

Eventually, 30 miles later, we arrive at Walsingham.

Kathleen is not a happy bunny, but, puts a brave face on.

A good wander around, including the Slipper Chapel, and, the inevitable "candle lighting area".

I am not a religious person myself, but, this is a calm and tranquil place, all beautifully kept,  with a notable absence of commercialism, plus, the tea shop does

excellent sandwiches!

We decide to go back via the sat-nav "fastest route", via the A148, calling in at Holt, a very nice Georgian Town.

It would probably have been a very nice Medieval Town, except, a fire in the 1700's burnt most of it down, and it was rebuilt in the Georgian style.

Eventually, back to the van, a 59 mile round trip.

If nothing else, Kathleen is now an accomplished pillion passenger! She is so good, I do not even know she is there, I have to keep checking in the mirror to re-assure myself I have not lost her off the back of the bike!

Thursday, up early and back home, exciting stuff, cutting the lawns.

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