Sunday, 20 July 2014

Friday 18th July 2014 - Sunday 20th July 2014

Cromer, Incleboro Fields Caravan Club Site.

We made the major misjudgement of deciding to do some jobs around the house, during possibly the best period of sunny dry weather which has occurred since we retired!

We had planned to visit Cromer earlier, when my brother, Brian, and his wife were here, but the house and garden renovations disrupted that, so, here we are sneaking in a quick week before the School Summer Holidays begin.

The drive here is as uneventful as any journey by road can be in the UK, the usual traffic hold-ups at road works with 40mph speed restrictions, miles of beautifully arranged cones, but, sadly not a sign of any WORK.

Incleboro Fields, is quite a large site, but, is arranged in small areas, so the overall impression is one of seclusion and quiet. It is to the usual Caravan Club standard, so, no complaints there, and is within easy walking distance of both a Railway Station (West Runton) and Bus Stops.

Unusually for Norfolk, it is on a hill!

So far, the weather has been very hot and dry (during the day), with overnight thunderstorms.

In addition to the folding bicycles, we have brought the Yamaha xMax with us.

Thus far, Kathleen has not been a willing passenger, but, I have fitted a "top box", to make her feel more secure that she will not be jettisoned off the back during lively acceleration.

In addition, I have kept up a subtle (well I think so) serious of remarks directed at her lack of enthusiasm for the scooter.

I think, the latter has done the trick, any suggestion to Kathleen that she is perhaps not upto the task is like a red rag to a bull, and, you WILL be proved wrong.

So, we have been for several jaunts on the scooter:

twice into Cromer, (once for the inevitable Church attendance),

a visit to a "Car Boot" Sale (what a load of tat!),

and a trip to Tesco.

I can officially state, Kathleen is now a confirmed "biker chick".

Sunday is rounded off with an excellent Sunday lunch in the pub in West Runton. It does not seem to have a name, other than, "the village inn".

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