Monday, 5 May 2014

Neufchatel-en-Bray, St Claire

Friday 25th April 2014 - Sunday 27th April 2014

Oh dear, Friday and it is raining!

Kathleen decides to bring forward "hair washing day", from tomorrow, to today.

I amuse myself playing on the computer, and, doing what men do best, ie "pondering" on important topics, like, "why do women live longer than men?".

I think, perhaps it is a case of natural balance. Women need to live longer than men, to make of for the time they spend "doing" their hair, and other such tasks.

For example, washing my hair takes 2 minutes maximum, and, is incorporated with taking a shower. No drying / straightening is required, a quick comb, and that is that for the day.  If by chance, I have worn my cycle helmet, or motorcycle helmet in the course of the day, a further 15 seconds of hair care MAY be required.

So, in the course of a week, say 35 minutes total?

Kathleen's regime averages at least one hour PER DAY, so, something in excess of 7 hours per week.

It is not hard to see why, natural balance, dictates that women need to live longer than men, just to compensate for that alone.

Saturday, we move up to Gravelines, near Dunkirk, for our last overnight in France, or this trip.

Sunday, through the tunnel, and, off to visit brother, Brian, for a couple of days.


  1. We have tried numerous times to contact you just wondering if this will work kath

    1. Gordon & Kath? check again for my EMail address. Regards Ken & Kathleen

  2. I think the message has worked this time it's kath of kath and Gordon we met at Caceres tried to catch up with you a few times but didn't manage. Just caught up with your blog and thought I would try to contact you so see if this works.

  3. Sorry for the delay, just seen your message!

  4. Gordon and Kath. My Email address is You need to substitute . for dot and @ for at, for it to work, just my attempt to beat the EMail harvesters!