Thursday, 17 September 2015

Weather, New campsite

Wednesday 16th September 2015

It has rained for most of the night, and, it is still raining when we wake-up.

The weather forecast (provided by the BBC Weather App, on Kathleen's Android phone, and the weather App on my iPhone) tells us, "Rain until 11:00, cloudy but dry until 13:00, then, sunny until sunset. Temperatures rising to 26C".

With uncanny accuracy, this is exactly what happens!

How come the BBC cannot produce an accurate weather forecast for the UK, but, can achieve pin point accuracy for at least three days in a row for Annecy, France?

We have a little worry about actually reversing off our pitch. Because other vans were already parked when we arrived, we had to park by driving on to the pitch, rather than reversing on. This means our front (driving) wheels are furthest from the tarmac. The ground was wet enough to produce  a little wheel spin on arrival, it has rained quite a lot since then, but our worries are unfounded and we manage to get off without difficulty.

After checking out, we drive the two miles or so to Camping du Coeur de Lac.
At reception, we are advised to take vacant pitch 97, because, "it has the best view of the lake".

Sure enough, this appears to be true.

Facilities on this site are not as good as Camping International du Lac, but, the views are certainly better, and, the place has more "life", since there are a reasonable number of people here.

Lunch over, and sun shining, we stroll out, find the church and Mass times, Kathleen is all set for Sunday.


Thursday 17th September 2015.

This will be a short post.
Not sure what happened overnight, but, it POURED with rain all day, until 15:30, plus a few thunder claps. Actually, today's weather forecast was a little inaccurate, it forecast sunshine from 16:00, the sun actually came out at 15:30. Temperatures quite acceptable at 17-19C, even in the rain.

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