Monday, 28 September 2015

Cycling to Chalon-sur-Soane

Monday 28th September 2015

Autumn is clearly here now. A cool start to the day, but, sunny. By lunch time it is a respectable 20C, and by mid afternoon, it is sun bathing weather.
After a weekend of R and R (that is Rest and Recreation for me, Rest and Religion for Kathleen), we are up for some cycling.

The Canal du Centre is just under a mile from the campsite, once there, there is a traffic free cycle track to Chalon-sur-Soane and beyond in one direction, and St Leger and beyon in the other direction.

We have been told by another English couple we met, that the section towards Chalon-sur-Soane is the more attraction, so, that is the direction we take.

At the Halt Nautique, about 1.5 miles from the campsite, the signpost tells us, Chalon-sur-Soane is 16Km (10 miles) away.
Being fresh, after our "weekend off", we go for the whole distance.

It is a beautiful day for cycling, sunny, but, not too hot.

It is noticeably "downhill", in the direction of Chalon-sur-Soane and we pass several locks, I carefully do not mention this to Kathleen.

Soon, we are passed Fragny, and into the outskirts of Chalon-sur-Soane.

A brief rest and, we set off for the return, I assume we will be stopping off for "refreshments" along the way, but, Kathleen is in full "health and fitness mode" and decides she will settle for water to fortify her, for the return trip.

So, we resist the temptation to turn off into one of the many villages, signposted en-route, and settle ourselves one one of the strategically placed canal side seats to rest and refresh ourselves.
For those who know Kathleen, I promise, that is water, and not gin and tonic, in the bottle!.

Soon after we set off again, after our brief stop, we come upon one of the large pleasure boats we passed on the way to Chalon-sur-Soane.

It is just in the process of entering a lock, so, we linger to watch the process, it is quite a large boat, and completely fills the lock.





In the afternoon, as I mentioned, it is sunbathing weather. 

We need at least one "essential" bit of shopping, ie, Tonic, for Kathleen's Gin and Tonic.

There is no way Kathleen is going to be prised out of her seat in the sun, after a 24 mile cycle ride this morning, so, I set off, armed with a shopping list, whilst Kathleen gets herself "browned off".

We have checked out where the "Commercial Centre" is, so, I head straight there, and manage to buy all of the requirements in Lidl, except, the Tonic.

So, I next go to Carrefour, which is next to Lidl, and select a bottle of Schweppes Tonic, sugar free, as instructed.

As I go through the checkout, the "shoplifter" alarm goes off. No problem, I am quite happy to show the checkout operator and supervisor who appears on the scene, the contents of my backpack, ie, shopping from Lidl, complete with receipt.

What puzzles me is, what set the alarm off? Do they security tag Bananas, Maltesers, Pasta, Bars of Chocolate ?

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