Friday, 25 September 2015

Cycling to Pierrefitte-sur-Loire, invaded by Dutch

Friday 25th September 2015

Light cloud, but, mild and bright. The sun actually breaks through the clouds periodically through he day.

Our English neighbours and lunch companions, of yesterday, Jerry and Norma, leave this morning, heading for the ferry at Caen.

 Despite yesterday's mammoth cycle ride, Kathleen expresses a willingness, indeed, an enthusiasm for going cycling again today.

IMGP3402 Accordingly we set off, along the Canal, in the opposite direction to yesterday, towards Diou, which is 25km (15 miles) away.

Unlike yesterday, we see very few people cycling along, but, we do see quite a number of boats cruising along.

We make it just to Pierrefit-sur-Loire, (10 miles) before Kathleen expresses a desire to call a halt (ie, declares she is not going any further).

I manage to coax another 3 miles out her, before a final halt is called.


At Pierrefit-sur-Loire, as well as some amusing canalside artworks, there was a signpost for a bar/cafe, so, we return there for lunch.

The bar/cafe is certainly quaint, as we arrive two British motorcyclists are just leaving. The bar is attached to a "grocery" shop, which appears to sell just about everything.

I do think the impression given, of live music, in the sign, is slightly miss-leading, the whole Bar is smaller than our Lounge at home!

We are served our beers in English style pint pot glasses.


Whilst we are having our drink, another cyclist arrives. We are not sure what nationality he was, but, given the torturous exchange to order a sandwich and a drink, he was, presumably, not French.

The barman disappeared to make a sandwich for the new arrival. When he reappeared he had the largest sandwich I have ever seen. It consisted of half of a very large baguette, filled with ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

The cyclist only managed to eat half of it, before, admitting defeat and requesting a bag to take the rest away with him.

We returned via the Supermarket in Digoin, where I purchased among other things some "Digoinaise sausage", which I cooked for our dinner. Kathleen did actually try some, but, said she did not like it, so, I have the rest of the pack to eat, at some later date!

I also purchased some cheese, local to the area around Annecy, called Reblouchon, I suspect I will have to eat all of that too.

Our little detour, via the LeClerc supermarket, means, we have completed 28.5 miles, today.

On our return to the campsite, we find it has filled up, almost exclusively with Dutch people. I do not know what is going on in Holland, but, it would appear they are evacuating the place, given the number of Dutch who have arrived here in the course of the day.

IMGP3404 IMGP3405 IMGP3406 IMGP3408

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