Wednesday, 23 September 2015

To Digoin

Tuesday 22nd September 2015


The weather forecast for today is cloudy, but mild. We had planned to leave Annecy tomorrow, but, decide we may as well travel on a cloudy day, and hope for sunshine tomorrow!

The eternal optimists we are!

We have about 150 miles to our next planned stop, Digoin, in Burgundy.

AnnecyToDogoin4 It would appear, this year, we are to be plagued by road closures. 

We are enjoying an almost traffic free and reasonably scenic drive, when a dreaded "Route Barree" sign appears, soon followed by a barricade across the road, to leave us in no doubt, the road is closed.

AnnecyToDogoinRoadClosed The closure is at a place called "Serrieres" and affects what appears to be the only bridge across a river, for several miles, so, we follow the "deviation" signs. Note, I say "signs" in the plural, there are actually two signs, a record in my experience of French signposting.

Several miles later, following a road which does not even appear to be on the map as far as he sat-nav is concerned, we emerge at a bridge, and a road leading in the direction we want to go.

We arrive at Digoin, Camping de la Chevrette, late afternoon. 

We are fortunate enough to get parked and hooked up to the electrics just before the heavans open and we have a half hour downpour.
The good news is, the site appears to be well located for the town, and cycling opportunities (if the rain stops!),

Although it is "out of season", the place is more than half full.

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