Thursday, 3 September 2015

To Dover, then to Montreuil-sur-Mer

Wednesday 3rd September 2015

We have plenty of time, so, a leisurely drive to Dover.

It is motorway almost all the way, M11, M25, M2.

To M11, and away we go:

Very soon after leaving Barton, the traffic slows to a crawl, the opposite carriageway is totally empty of traffic, looks like an accident ahead on the north-bound carriageway.

Sure enough, we soon come upon the scene, a small campervan on it's side, with other motorists trying to get the doors open, there are no emergency services on the scene yet.

Despite the new "no stopping" toll system at the Dartford Crossing, there is still a one mile tail back of slow moving traffic.

The most exciting thing to happen is at the services on the M2. While sitting having our lunch, we watch a large articulated wagon, attempting to park.

I don't feel inclined to comment on the driver's skill level, since I cannot reverse the campervan, with motorcycle trailer attached, but, he was making heavy weather of it. Eventually, he collided with a very smart Marley wagon and trailer outfit, he was trying to park alongside. It is quite a hit, we can see the trailer move with the impact from 200 metres away!

When the driver of the Marley wagon returns to his wagon, we decide to play the "goodie" and tell him.

On to Dover, despite dawdling, we arrive too early for out 17:30 ferry and are given the option of taking the 16:45 at same price, or, 16:00 for £20 extra, we opt to pay the £20.

By now, it is raining heavily, with accompanying thunder and lightening.

During the crossing, Kathleen decides to re-organise our journey, it is decided my selection of Baie de Somme aire is too far south, so, another Aire is selected, at Montreuil-sur-Mer.

Montreuil turns out to be a very pleasant French town, but, quite why it has the tag "sur-mer", literally, "on sea", is a mystery to us, since it is at least five miles as the crow flies from the coast.

The aire is full, given our late evening arrival, that is not really a surprise, but, there is a bus parking area adjacent, which several campervans have "overflowed" into, so, we join them.

I can recommend this aire, pleasant town, five minutes walk away, with shops, bars, banks etc. Clean "automatic" public toilets. Free, with services for 2Euro. 
Plus, it is not isolated and appears to be well used, so, no fears on the security side.

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