Sunday, 27 September 2015

To Chagny

Saturday 26th September 2015

Surprisingly, I cannot convince Kathleen to go cycling today, you would have thought that, after two consecutive days of 20 miles plus, she would be "in the groove", so to speak.

Yesterday, there was an invasion of Dutch caravans, today, they are leaving as quickly as they arrived, by 9:30, they have all gone.
We decide we will move on too, just a short distance, to Chagny, a little over 50 miles away.

The forecast is for a 23C sunny day, and, so it turns out.

For some reason, as we cruise along the N80 (E607), we collect a first two, then three Motor Cycle Police riders, after a while, they are joined by a fourth, then they ride off.

Don't know what that was all about, Kathleen's explanation is, "they must have mistaken us for someone important".

We are soon at Chagny and find the campsite, more or less no problem, although, it would have been wise to have used the ring road to approach, rather than the "town centre" route selected by the Sat-Nav.

The "easier" approach is signposted, just, immediately after the roundabout after the Canal "Port" or Marina, but, our Sat-nav did not direct us that way, and, the signposting is not exactly prominent, as you can see below, at roughly 8:00 minutes to 9:30 minutes into the video.

Having missed the sign, we took the more difficult approach!

PaquierFaneChagny The campsite, Paquier Fane, is very pleasant.

It is a rather odd name, I have no idea what it may mean.

Chagny appears to be a reasonably lively place.

Sunday 27th September 2015

Disaster! As Kathleen gets ready for the ritual of hair washing etc, she discovers, she has run out of shampoo. The full bottle of what she thought was shampoo, is, in fact, Conditioner.

It is Sunday morning, in France, the small shops are closed, we have just arrived here yesterday, and have not yet found the Supermarket(s), which MAY be open on Sundays.

Frantic searching in the various bags in which numerous hair care products are kept, unearths, a long forgotten, half empty bottle of shampoo.

Phew! panic over.

Back to more mundane matters, another bright sunny day, in the 20's Centigrade.

Church for Kathleen, whilst I explore routes to the Cycle track along the canal, from the campsite. Then meet up with Kathleen to walk around the Sunday Market, which, true to form, takes over almost all of the streets in the town.

After lunch is spent searching for the Carrefour and Lidl supermarkets, which are tantalisingly signposted at the entrance to the town, with no further indication of how to find them.

After walking for almost three miles and taking numerous wrong turnings, we do find them, about 3/4 of a mile from the campsite.

Kathleen takes credit for the discovery.


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