Monday, 14 September 2015


Saturday 12th September 2015

We have had rain over night. 

The weather forecaste says today will start dry and bright (19C), with rain and, possibly, thunder by 14:00. We have not had the thunder, but, otherwise it is as predicted.

We find the Lidl, so, Kathleen is made up, Church, Lidl and enough amps for unrestrained hair dryer use, what more could you want?

A short (4 mile) bicycle ride along the banks of the River Soane, justifies the bacon sandwiches for lunch.

I had noticed, in passing, that there seems to be a dis-proportionately high number of people with one or more German Shepard dogs on the site.

Today, as we rode along the Soane, we discovered why. There is some form of "Dog Show" event going on, and it seems to be 100% German Shepard dogs.

The highlight appears to be a timed walk around a marked out route (sorry if I am sounding remotely interested). I do hope they are being awarded double points for picking up their pets crap, and, triple points for actually depositing it in a bin.

Sunday 13th September 2015
Cloudy start, but, not raining. Sunny with cloud by 10:00 and 20C. It stays sunny until 15:30, when it clouds over, we have few massive thunder claps, but, no rain.  The sky clears again. Then at 18:00 we have a massive thunderstorm, fortunately, Kathleen is watching out of the window, and notices, the rain is coming down faster than it can run off our awning. A big bulge of water is collecting in it, and, it is beginning to sag. Someone (ie me) has to go outside, in the rain, tip the water out of the awning and adjust the slope, so the water runs off faster.

Sunday of course means church for Kathleen.

Sunday lunch to follow, so, my task is to choose somewhere to eat.

The town is absolutely buzzing, there is a market in the square outside of the church, which spreads into the side streets leading off the square.

Mostly fruit and vegetables, but a couple of stalls selling fresh fish and, a couple selling baskets.

There is another large square outside of the town hall, with a couple of restaurants, quieter and more pleasant away from the crush of the market.

We have a very pleasant lunch in the sunshine. 

By the time we have eaten our main course and drunk a bottle of Rose between us, Kathleen is up for practising her French on the young waiter who comes to take our dessert order.

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