Thursday, 3 September 2015

To Neufchatel-en-Bray

MontreuilToNeufchatelAmusing little scene this morning as we sat eating our breakfast at about 8:30.

A "council" pickup truck arrived, towing an industrial shredder.

Three workmen emerged.

First, they asked the lone German lady campervaner to move her van, they clearly planned to trim the trees behind her van.

I expected this to be the end of peace and quiet, chain saws, hedge trimmers, not to mention the shredder.

I need not have worried.

German lady moved, Workman 1, lit up a cigarette, sat on the towbar of the shredder and smoked. Workman 2, got his sandwiches out and proceeded to munch away. Workman 3, the driver, disappeared in the pickup and, returned, about 15 minutes later with coffees and more food.

About two hours later, just before we left, work commenced.

Council workers in France are clearly just like their British counterparts.

We had no EHU last night at Montreuil-sur-Mer, that means, no hair dryer or hair straighteners (not for me silly).

It is necessary, therefore,  to have a night at a campsite so Kathleen's withdrawal symptoms can be brought under control.

It is decided that, old faithful Camping Ste Claire at Neufchatel-en-Bray will do very nicely.

We arrive to find it pristine as usual.


We arrive at lunch time, the site looks almost empty, but, such is it's popularity, by 16:30, it is looking decidely full! 20:30 and, they are still arriving!

Sadly, the weather is not kind, it pours with rain until about 16:00, but Kathleen has no difficulty filling her time, planning a route to Maison Lafitte, after she has put the French National Grid to good use.

Yesterday, whilst still in England, I visited an M&S Simply Food, to buy a Pizza for tea. I noticed they also had Chocolate Teacakes (not Tunnocks, but, M&S own brand). Kathleen is very partial to Tunnocks chocolate teacakes, so, I bought a pack of 16 of the M&S version.

Unknown to me, Kathleen stored them in the fridge, to prevent the chocolate from melting.

Today, we had one with our coffee, it was decidedly not upto Tunnock standard.

Kathleen decided, that I could eat the remaining 14 (not all at once), since she did not like them. 

Just in the interests of using them up, I ate a second one. Well, we post war babies remember rationing, we don't like to waste things.

I suggested that, perhaps, storing them in the fridge was the problem, so, they were put in the "food" cupboard.

Later, in the evening, I had another, it was much better. Kathleen tried one, yes, much better.

I am now banned from eating any more.  

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