Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Chalon-sur-Soane to Annecy

ChalonSurSoaneToAnnecyMonday 14th September 2015.

Chalon-sur-Soane is very nice, and, I am sure we still have lots to see here, but, Kathleen is determined to visit Annecy. 

When we check the closing date for her preferred campsite there,(Camping International Lac d'Annecy) , we find it closes September 19th, so, if we are going, we need to go now!

Accordingly, we pack up and set off for Annecy.

Annecy is East and slightly South of here, so, I suspect, we will be following yesterdays storm, which was moving East.


Close A hundred and twenty miles approximately, mostly of it almost traffic free, and good road.

The climb up to Cerdon is a bit slow, I miss my chance to overtake this lorry. There are only two realistic chances to pass him, I manage the second chance.

You have to admire these guys driving such large trucks on these roads, not much clearance here!

 We have been to Camping International Lac d'Annecy twice before, it is a well appointed campsite, but, on our arrival we find the number of "little houses" has increased dramatically, never a good sign on a "touring" site, in our opinion.

We left Chalon-sur-Saone in sunshine, we arrive at Annecy in pouring rain, we have caught up with yesterdays storm I think. By evening, the rain has stopped, the sky is clearing.

After our evening meal, Kathleen is munching Maltesers, her favourite chocolate. She complains that the resealable bag, does not reseal very effectively. I point out her that she is probably the first person in the world to attempt to reseal a bag of Maltesers. I ask you, who ever heard of anyone NOT eating the whole packet, at one sitting!

Tuesday 15th September 2015

The weather forecast is boringly accurate, sunny in the morning until 11:00, then cloudy until 15:00, then sunny until 17:00, then cloudy again. A cool 19C.

There were only four campervans here, including us, this morning two of them leave. The site is like the Marie Celeste.

Kathleen has found another campsite (Camping Coeur du Lac Annecy) in the ACSI book, which is open until end of October, and is only a couple of miles along the road, nearer to Annecy.

We cycle along there to give it the once over, looks good, we will probably move there tomorrow.

We cycle on to Annecy, but, I fail to persuade Kathleen to do the round the lake circuit. Instead we sit drinking coffee, watching the world go by.

Back to the van for lunch, and we have cycled 16 miles.

In the afternoon, I cycle another 15 miles, just to keep my average up!

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