Monday, 5 September 2016

Autumn trip to France, and, possibly beyond.

We have not used motorcycle trailer for over a year, plus, experience so far with scooter and two full sized bicycles loaded, has not been trouble free. Trying a new method this time, making use of Thule bicycle carrier to make mounting of bicycles more secure (hopefully).

We did a thirty mile trial run today (Wednesday 31st August 2016), and all appears to be well.

Thursday, and it is the 1st of September, according to the BBC Weather report, this is the first day of "Meteorological Autumn", whatever that may be, at the very least, it means it is the end of Summer. It is certainly cooler in the mornings, and, the forecast suggests "unsettled weather, with showers". It is therefore necessary to get on with the final garden tidying, while the sun shines. 

By Sunday, 4th September, the garden is looking a little dismal, in the steady drizzle, which has been falling for 36 hours so far, supposedly, it is going to be "brighter later!".

But, the garden is tidy, if wet, and, I am sure, Claire (or someone) will ensure the grass is cut, in our absence.

If it is possible, we appear to have done even less planning than usual! 

The "Plan", such as it is, consists of:

  • Travel to Canterbury, Monday, 5th September
  • We have been told, there are facilities to "overnight" at Canterbury Park-and-Ride, so, that is what we intend to do, we have no "just in case" plan, so, hopefully, all will be well.
  • Ferry, Dover -> Dunkirk, Tuesday, 6th September, 10:00am, so, that should be a leisurely start.
  • Drive east, towards Saverne.
  • whatever.........Strasbourg, Tournos have been mentioned ......

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