Tuesday, 6 September 2016

To Canterbury

Monday, 5th September, 2016

Excellent journey, traffic moving all of the way, amazingly, no road works, and, weather warm and sunny.

We have been told about Canterbury, New Dover Road, Park and Ride. Amazingly for the UK, they have created a Motorhome Aire, where you can stop off, before/after taking the Ferry (or Tunnel, although it is some distance from the Tunnel).

It is certainly proving popular, when we arrive, the designated area is full, and an "overflow" area is in operation (with spaces available).

For once, Google let us down, the Postcode given did not take us to the correct place, Co-ordinates are N51 15'46" : E1 5' 57".

It is simple to operate, on arrival, take a ticket, at the barrier. Shortly before you leave, pay using your ticket, at the pay machine. Machines take cash only (including Notes) and give change if necessary. This is not the end of the story, but, we do not know it yet, see tomorrows entry!

This is I suspect the longest drive of our trip, at approximately 350 miles, with a brief stop for lunch, we arrive at about 17:00.

Kathleen quickly dons her Masterchef outfit, and, with a combination of her culinary skills, and the advent of home freezer technology, has a Lamb Dinner, on the table by 18:00, as she never tires of telling me, she is a marvel.

The Journey, as it unfolds.

The Journey, this portion:

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