Friday, 23 September 2016

La Clayette

Thursday, 22nd September 2016

A real, autumn morning, a chilly 8C, to start, but warming nicely, as the sun rises above the trees, to reach a very pleasant 25C.

One set of English neighbours leave today, in their caravan, heading home, and, our French neighbour packs her tent and leaves. This would appear to leave just four of us on site, ourselves, plus another couple (Rodger and Fiona) from Portsmouth, in a Campervan.

We at first think, there are no supermarkets here in La Clayette, the ever resourceful Google, tells us there is an Aldi a short distance away, on the edge of town, so, we unload the scooter, from the trailer, and head off there.

Next task, having the scooter off the trailer, is to check out the "alternative" church (with Mass on Saturday evening), in the adjoining village, Varennes-sous-Dun. On our way there, we pass a large "Intermarche Hypermarket", within walking distance of the campsite!

Time for lunch. We cycle to La Clayette, to Restaurant La Belle Epoche, right opposite the Chateau.

We have choices from the set menu's, plus a bottle of red, but the food is good, and plentiful, plus, towards the end of the meal, one of the staff begins to serenade the remaining diners by playing French music, from the turn of the 1900's, on an accordian!

Great lunch!

Of course, we do have to cycle back to the van, followed by falling asleep in the sun.

Friday, 23rd September 2016

Another cool start, followed by a glorious 25C day.

After a little "house work", ie clothes washing, we ride the 19km (12 miles) to Charolles, on the scooter.

Charolles, is an anti-climax, after riding 12 miles to get there. 

It is a very pretty place, but, not actually much there, we did not even find a decent bar!

A very well maintained church, which we visit, in deference to the fact we have parked the scooter in their car-park.

Kathleen enjoyed the ride, apart from a railway crossing which I failed to spot in time, and crossed at 50mph, with a bit of a
thump. I remembered it on the way back. 

Our helmet Inter-Com, has never really been excellent, but, last night, I succumbed and read the instructions, which means today, I was able to listen to Kathleen's instructions as we rode along.

We spend the evening chatting and drinking wine with Rodger and Fiona. They are an interesting pair, approximately nine years older than us, he has had both hips replaced, and, open heart surgery!

Not only are they pottering around France in their Campervan, but, they have been out cycling every day since they arrived here. When they were 70, they cycled from Portsmouth, via Caen, to Switzerland. As I say, an interesting pair.

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