Thursday, 22 September 2016

To La Clayette

Wednesday, 21st September 2016

Today, we leave Tournus and head for a place called La Clayette, only about 50 miles south of here. 

Kathleen has picked it out of the ACSI book, on the basis "the write-up sounds nice", let us hope it is accurate.

First impressions are certainly favourable, as we enter the town, we are greeted with
this view, of a chateau, overlooking a lake.

The campsite, La Clayette, Les Bryeres N46 17'30" E 4 19' 10", also overlooks the lake.

There are very few people at the site, so, we are spoiled for choice as to where to place ourselves.

So far, so good, everything seems in order, and, the sun is shining, it is a pleasant 22C.

A light lunch, then a 4 mile cycle ride along the lake and into town to explore.
 The all important (to Kathleen) church is found, and Mass times are determined.

We pick out a restaurant or two, for possible future lunch-time sessions.

I think this place is quite promising, although, it is a bit "undulating", so, I doubt there will be a lot of cycling done.

But, Kathleen is still enthusiastic to use the scooter, and, there are plenty of nearby towns and villages to visit, including Charolles, of Charollais Beef fame.

The trip, so far.

This part of the trip, in video.

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