Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Saverne, continued

Monday, 12th September 2016

It must be so difficult, being a woman. Today, is hair care day, well hare care most of the morning, I suppose I should say, wouldn't want to exaggerate.

How much easier it is for me, hair care consists of combing my hair, once, or possibly twice, per day. Instead of a back full of "products", driers, straighteners, brushes, etc, I have, a comb.

While the hair marathon takes place, I do my chores, ie, dishes, fill water tank, empty waste, take empty bottles to the recycling point, take rubbish to the bins.

The hair marathon is still in progress, so, I set off for Lidl, on the scooter, for supplies.

On my way, I notice a sign advertising LeClerc, so, I head for that instead, and return with required supplies, plus a few "treats", ie strawberry tarts, for elevenses.

While in LeClerc, I checked the place out for some "must haves" which Kathleen "needs", ie sweat band for hair, "strappy" tops, both of which LeClerc have.

So, return to van, have coffee, scoff treats.

Now, difficult decision time,  "Helmet on freshly "done" hair, or, no clothes shopping", what an agonising decision.

Clothes shopping wins, return to LeClerc with Kathleen on the back of the scooter. Definitely becoming a "biker chick", is Kathleen, even admits to enjoying the ride to LeClerc and showing enthusiasm for our next outing. Sweat band, and "strappy" top acquired. 

The rest of the day is spent lazing in the sun.

Tuesday, 13th August 2016

After yesterdays laziness, today, we go cycling, along the Marne - Rhine Canal to Lutzelbourg and a little beyond.

It promises to be another hot day, so, we are away early (for us), ie 10:00am.

The cycle track, along the canal, is every bit as good as the one heading toward Strasbourg, smooth, tarmac surface, excellent.

Lutzelborg is a beautiful little village, alongside the canal, but, the only place open, appears to be a small kiosk selling cans of beer, and sandwiches.

A total of 20 miles with a stop in Lutzelborg for a beer, and return to Saverne for lunch.

Despite the heat, and the lunch, we manage to cycle up the hill, slowly it is true, but, we do make it.

The rest of the afternoon we laze in the sun, and watch the horses at the Equestrian Centre, next door.

Then, a little excitement, new neighbours arrive. A "young" English couple, with two small children, in an enormous twin axle caravan, towed by a Range Rover.

They are on their way  back to the UK, from Italy, having been to watch the Italian Grand Prix, in Monza,plus Motorcycle Racing, somewhere else in Italy, and are here for a one night stop-over, en-route to the Tunnel.

Wednesday, 14th August 2016

It is another beautiful sunny, 30C day.

Kathleen loves the adventure of traveling, in a foreign country, on public transport, so, today, we ride on the scooter to the railway station in Saverne, and take the train into Strasbourg.

The helpful Ticket Office Clerk, guides us through the numerous options, including age concessions, to get the best deal on a return ticket (14Euro each, for a 30 mile train journey, about the same as the UK, I think). Age Concessions are one of the few occasions when Kathleen is quite ready to  admit her age.

The train is impressive, on-time, clean, and fast.

The railway station is a short walk from the attractive part of Strasbourg called "Petit France", presumably from it's time as a German City.

We cannot come to a city, without the shops luring Kathleen to at least look, a "bargain" purchase in H&M Strasbourg, and her day is complete (yet another "top").

While searching for some where to have lunch (there are hundreds of places, no real need to search!), we come upon a small cafe on the edge of the Petit France area, called Cafe con Leche.

It is a quaint little place, a range of French, Moroccan and Spanish light meals, with one of the waiters doubling up as live entertainment on the Spanish Guitar.

Even Kathleen, who is not usually enthusiastic about eating places, is impressed by the place.

Next, a little wander through the streets, I just love the atmosphere of European towns and cities, they are so full of character and people friendly.

Here in Strasbourg, the streets are shared between pedestrians, cyclists, trams, and the occasional delivery van, but, it all works, with no ill humour.

Next, the inevitable visit to the Cathedral, only to find, that, apparently, in France, even the Cathedral closes for lunch!

So, we are forced to have a beer, while we wait, and, in doing so, meet a couple of fellow Brits, who are also roaming around in a Campervan, and are staying at the Stellplatz in Kehl, just over the Rhine in Germany.

The Cathedral open, we do the obligatory visit, and Kathleen lights candles for all of the children, grandchildren, etc, etc

Eventually, we make our way back to the railway station, and catch a train back to Saverne.

The scooter is still parked, exactly where we left it, in with a jumble of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles, parked in true French style, without any regard to various signs, prohibiting parking.

Kathleen, transforms herself into a domestic goddess, and rustles up some food, but, not before a quick clothes change, into the newly acquired top. Well, you have to get your priorities right, haven't you?

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