Friday, 9 September 2016

Alzingen and then, to Saverne

Thursday, 8th September 2016

A brilliantly sunny day at Camping Bon Accueil, Alzingen.

Yesterday, while chatting to an English couple, on the site (a much younger couple than us), Kathleen acquired a map, showing several cycle routes, around Luxembourg. 

Although the map looks well used, it is unclear, from the conversation, if they had actually completed any of the routes. 

It is not a good start that we cannot find the campsite on the map.

Undeterred, we set off.

We are (we think), following Cycle Route 1, along the River Alvette, toward Luxembourg City, the route is excellent, almost level, with a smooth tarmac surface.

Soon, we even come to the outskirts of Luxembourg City, although, on the downside, the "almost level" has gone, and we encounter some steep hills, as the route leaves the river bank.

A downhill stretch, which, in the way of these things, does not seem nearly as significant as the hills we have gone up, and, we regain the river bank, in a very pleasant park.

A little break, and a drink of water, refreshes us for the next phase.

The map suggests, we simply follow Route 1, along the river, until we reach the junction with Route 15, which we achieve with only one small error.

The map then shows a steep ascent, certainly no error there, the hill is 1 in 5 for about half a mile, a short level section, and then it goes up again for about a mile. 

We are off the bikes and pushing by now of course. Only moderate complaints. There are signposts, but, the places named are not on our map.

We eventually find what we think is the way, but, soon realise, we are wrong. We are in a rather smart urban area, and there are two builders working on a property. Unfortunately, they are Portuguese, and, although very pleasant, they are as unfamiliar with the area as we are.

Eventually, by sheer chance, or, was it excellent navigating by me?, we encounter the riverside park again, and are able to retrace our route, back to the campsite.

Twenty three miles and we have seen lots of the Luxembourg countryside.

Friday, 9th September 2016

The road selected by the Sat-Nav was closed.

The diversion had a low bridge, too low for us, the Sat-Nav did not pick it up, resulting in a three point turn in a small village.

The remainder of the journey was completed, Sat-Navless, and in more or less silence. Enough said on this subject, it is sensitive.

Kathleen and the old-fashioned map got us here.

We have been to Saverne many years ago, before our campervan travels.
It is more or less as we remembered it, very pretty and lively.

The site, Seasonova Les Portes d'Alsace, N46 43' 52" E7 21' 19", is an ASCI site, and, only 15Euro/night. It is also very pleasant. The weather is excellent, sunny, and 27C.

We have, what we hope, is an excellent spot, with a view of the nextdoor Equestrian Centre, where children are being instructed in horse riding.

One slight downside to the site, is, it is at the top of a rather long hill, when coming from the Town Centre. But, we have the scooter.

A ride into town, for coffee and ice-cream, and a chance to watch the boats on the canal which passes through the town-centre.

There are two boats passing through the lock. It is apparent, that the two women, in the first boat, have never used a lock before!

The big question is, will the well endowed woman lose her, rather skimpy, bikini top, as she struggles to throw the mooring rope over the bollard?

Kathleen tells me, the woman has a pot belly, can't say I had noticed.

The French chap, in the boat behind, shouts instructions to them, and, eventually, the succeed in exiting the lock.

The journey, as it unfolds.

This section, in video.

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  1. I'm sure it was very enlightening watch the locks Ken