Wednesday, 7 September 2016

To Luxembourg

Wednesday 7th September, 2016

One of our "plans" was to visit Saverne, a place we went to several years ago, when we were still working, and spent our holidays touring Europe by car.

Last night, we entered the details into the Sat-Nav, to see how far it was from Le Cateau en Cambresis. 

At 300+ miles, a little bit more than we wanted to drive today was the answer. But, I did notice that the Sat-Nav calculated route took us via Belgium and Luxembourg.

I recalled, we had stayed at a rather pleasant campsite, in Luxembourg, on a previous trip, and so, it was decided, we would go to Luxembourg, approximately 150 miles.

A combination of the one hour time difference, and, the previous two days of driving catching up with me (well, I am getting on a bit), means we "sleep in" and are not out of bed until a disgraceful 8:30.

Not to worry, a mostly traffic free journey, with a stop for a lunch break.

I don't usually make a "big thing" of driving "incidents", after all, for anyone who travels by road a lot, they are common place, the world is full of idiots, but, here is a supreme bit of idiot overtaking. 

This Renault Clio overtakes me, despite a large wagon, towing an equally large trailer, coming toward us at speed, on a single carriageway. 

At least the lane markings are on his side!

I bet he needed a change of underwear when he got home, at least, if he got home, with driving like that! 

We arrive at Alzingen, Camping Bon Accueil, N49 50'22" E6 9'36", shortly after lunch-time.

An ACSI site, 17Euro/night.

It is sunny and hot, 27C.

Video of Journey.

The journey, as it unfolds.

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