Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Matlock, and Home

Tuesday, 28th June 2016

Another bus outing, this time to Matlock.

This is slightly more adventurous, we need to take the bus to Ashbourne, then, take another bus to Matlock.

It takes an hour to travel from Ashbourne to Matlock, and, small wonder, we go on a scenic tour via Carsington Water and numerous small villages, which are located along equally small roads.

The bus leaves Ashbourne with four passengers, including us, one person gets off at one of the small villages. No-one gets on at any of the places we pass through, and that is it. Clearly, this is not a money making venture!

Matlock is a very pleasant surprise.

A busy small town, all very neat, and with a beautifully kept park in the middle of town, South Shields Council, please take note. 

This brings back childhood memories of how South Shields parks USED to be.

One point to note, Matlock is very hilly, it is built on the very steep valley side of the river Derwent.

This becomes relevant.

Having had our fill of strolling around Matlock, my thoughts turn to lunch, or, as Kathleen frequently tells me, my thoughts seldom stray too far from my stomach.

A quick visit to Google turns up a pub which sounds promising, well recommended beer and pub food, the Thorntree Inn, is, according to Google, only ten minutes walk away.

What Google does not point out, is, that is ten minutes up a VERY steep hill. Fortunately, we find the pub, just before the mutterings become actual mutiny.

Drinks ordered and food chosen, I wait, hoping it is not a disappointment.

I can report, it is excellent, even Kathleen is impressed and says it was worth the walk (or, should that be climb?), which is high praise indeed.

Quite apart from the excellent food, the place has a friendly and comfortable pub atmosphere, and, of course, quite stunning views.

Suitably refreshed, we walk back down the hill and catch the bus to Ashbourne.

Whilst riding to Ashbourne, it begins to rain, very heavily, and, since we are due to return home tomorrow anyway, we decide we will leave this evening.

A slight hiccup, we miss the connecting bus to the campsite from Ashbourne, and have to wait 1hr 20minutes for the next one. Coffee and cake in Dillons Tea shop, to keep out of the rain, and pass the time. This turns out to be a very pleasant experience with an unexpected reward, we are the last customers of the day, so, the waitress gives us free scones to take away with us!


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