Friday, 15 April 2016

To Ludlow

Thursday, 14th April 2016

The day begins badly, pouring with rain, and, we over sleep!

Once en-route, the weather improves steadily, as we make our way along a very busy M1.

The Sat-Nav does, what appear to be, some odd moves around Birmingham, which keeps Kathleen occupied, telling it (the Sat-nav) that it is not taking us on the shortest route, but, we do arrive at Ludlow, so, all is well.

Ludlow Touring Park is an affiliated Caravan Club Site, very smart. We notice, it is also an ACSI site, it may be less expensive to pay via the ACSI scheme, but, we do not have our ACSI card with us.

The site is very smart, but, be aware, if such things matter to you:

1) there is very poor TV signal, you either need a Satellite dish or an arial lead to plug into the socket on the EHU bollard, neither of which we have with us. It may be possible to hire / borrow a lead from Reception, but, by the time we realise we need one, Reception is closed. Have to check tomorrow.

2) there is no 3g/4g data signal on the O2 network, "3" appears to have 3G coverage, since my mobile internet box is working fine.

3) there are "extra" charges for some obscure things, like, for example, having a trailer, or, an awning. Seems bizarre to us, you are paying for a pitch, provided all of your "gear" fits o the pitch, why should there be "extra" charges?

We walk the 1.5 miles into Ludlow, a pleasant walk, to an equally pleasant town, rounded of with a meal / bottle of red.

Friday, 15th April 2016

I redeem the duff TV reception problem, although I am not personally responsible, by connecting up an arial lead to the provided EHU bollard TV connection, domestic harmony returns.

Other than the above, not a very satisfactory day, it rains steadily for most of the day, until mid afternoon, at which point I am able to venture out and check out the possibility of cycling along the A49 to the local Catholic Church, for Kathleen. If it should turn out that I am wrong, and there is no only a God, but, a Catholic one, I do hope I get some brownie points for this.

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