Sunday, 17 April 2016

Perils of the English Weather!

Saturday, 16th April 2016

A wild night, windy and wet.

We wake to find, there is snow on the hills, but, the sun is shining, and gradually, it warms up.

Plan A is to take the bus to Leominster.

It would appear that, due to the closure of Ludford Bridge for repairs, the bus service has been disrupted. It is not exactly a frequent service to begin with, it is now totally useless, since there appears to be no information on what time the bus will actually come, or, where it will stop!

Plan A is abandoned and Plan B implemented, ie, visit LudLow, do a little shopping, have coffee and cake.

Kathleen also takes the opportunity to check out the times of the Services at the CofE Church in the town centre, in case the Catholic Church proves to be too far away. It would appear, the CofE service is 09:30 on Sunday morning, I cannot see that happening!

The market is in full swing, and has a good mix of stalls, ie, not all clothes!

Sunday, 17th April 2016

A bright and sunny morning, we even get a little sunbathing in later in the day.

Sure enough, Kathleen fails the "out of bed and off to church for 09:30 test".

Instead, we cycle into Ludlow and search out the Catholic Church (St Peters) for 11:00 mass, a much more civilised hour. 

Whilst Kathleen attends church, I locate the Tesco Supermarket, a not inconsiderable task as it turns out, they do not appear to like signposting things in Ludlow! Additional supplies of wine are purchased.

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