Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Tuesday, 12th April 2016

Rain until 15:00, not heavy, but, persistent.

We use some of the time to plan our next stop off point, and, then have a pleasant walk around the Poolsbrook Country Park.

In Staveley, there is an "Outlet Centre", you know, the sort of shop beloved of women, where they can by branded goods, they neither need or want, at "bargain" prices.

There is also a rather attractive looking pub, right next to the Outlet Centre, where a husband could wait, whilst his wife had some "retail therapy". 

Practicing my "thoughtful husband" act, I suggest we could go to Staveley and visit the Outlet Centre. 

For some reason Kathleen does not want to go!

There is definitely nothing as puzzling as the workings of the female mind. 

Wednesday, 13th April 2016

Thankfully, a big improvement in the weather, sunny and warm.

We decide to cycle to Chesterfield via the "other" route, ie, the one which does not follow the canal. 

The route is signposted as the "Trans-Pennine Trail" and is clearly an old railway line, at least for the first two or three miles.

All goes well, until we encounter a particularly muddy section, Kathleen does not do mud, so, we promptly turn around and retrace our steps to the outskirts of Staveley.

Here, Kathleen, uncharacteristically, opts to take a detour, it does eventually bring us to our intended destination (Morrisons Supermarket, Staveley), but, not before we have had to peddle up a rather large hill, which turns out to be taking us in the wrong direction, so, we have to re-trace our steps (pleased I did not suggest this detour).

The sun continues to shine, so, the remainder of the day is spent sitting soaking up the rays.

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