Thursday, 21 April 2016

Oxford, tidiness is next to godliness?

Thursday, 21st April 2016

Not the best of weather, dry, but cool and cloudy, although, by lunch time, the sun has made an appearance and the temperature rises.

I seem to recall, from my childhood, the saying "tidiness is next to godliness".

Now, I am not religious, but, quite why God should be dragged into the eternal argument about putting things away, I cannot imagine.

To explain why I should be rabbiting on about tidiness, Kathleen, periodically has bursts of "tidying up", which basically means moving my stuff from wherever I have put it, to somewhere which she deems "tidy", but, which then means, I cannot find it.

Kathleen of course is a tidy person, as this photograph clearly shows.

There is not one single item belonging to me in that photograph!

Order restored, we take a trip into Oxford, to browse the shops and have a simple lunch.

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