Tuesday, 19 April 2016

On being right, a rare occasion

Monday, 18th April 2016

Cloudy and cool, but, not raining.

Kathleen always likes to make use of the bus, when we are in the UK on a Campervan trip. I suppose it is the "bargain hunter" instinct, because, for us "oldies" the bus is free, and, you cannot get much more of a bargain than something for nothing.

There is a bus service to Leominster, from Ludlow, but, there has been great confusion about where the bus-stop is, and, the timetable.

There is a bus-stop on both sides of the road at the entrance to the Campsite, but, there is a typed notice displayed which reads, words to the effect "Bus stop by prior booking only". There is no indication of who or how you make contact to make this "prior booking".

Part of this confusion is due to the road bridge at Ludford being closed.

I do the usual, ie, ask Google, and, I have to say the information from the local bus company and local council is pretty sketchy. I do however manage to establish the bus route when the bridge at Ludford is NOT closed.

Kathleen asks at Reception, and, receives information which conflicts with my "theory" of where the bus will stop and which time.

Needless to say, being a man, I cannot possibly be right.

This morning, it is decided we will travel to Leominster on the bus.

Disregarding the Reception information completely, we head off, on the assumption, I am right.

Sure enough the bus arrives, exactly as I predicted at 10:31, stopping on the other side of the road to the campsite entrance. The advice from Reception was 12:35 from the bus stop on the same side as the campsite entrance.

I am in a quandry, do I crow about being right, or, do I simply stay quiet? It is a very difficult situation.

I opt for keeping quiet, since I know this will be the most irritating option. 

For Kathleen, the outing is already spoiled, at some point, it is going to be necessary to admit, I was right.

For the record, Leominster is a pleasant enough place, in common with most villages / towns in this area, there is a surplus of Tudor style half timbered buildings.

Coffee and cake in the "Merchants House Cafe" is very pleasant.

Tuesday, 19th April 2016

A beautiful sunny day to travel to Oxford.

The Oxford, Camping and Caravan Club Site looks promising.

It is located behind a "Great Outdoors" outlet, which is initially off-putting, but, the site itself is very pleasant, with the usual friendly welcome from C&CC warden.

Two minutes walk to a park and ride which provides a bus into central Oxford every ten minutes, free to us OAP's!

Equally near is a Tesco store, for the essential shopping, and, there appears to be a multitude of cycle tracks.

All of this, and, the sun is still shining!

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