Thursday, 28 April 2016

Cycling with Kathleen

Thursday, 28th April 2016

Another cool but dry and sunny day, so, after yesterdays cycling marathon, with Gary, Kathleen is keen to explore the cycling along the Grand Union Canal.

So far, we have experimented with two routes from the Campsite to the Canal, today, we try a third, which takes us left out of the campsite, following Tilehouse Lane, down-hill (always preferable, when cycling!), and emerging near a Garden Centre, a short cycle to the Coy Carp pub, on the canal.

Quite an ideal route, in that direction, but, the prospect of cycling back UP the hill is
not relished by Kathleen.

A very pleasant ride as far as West Drayton, lunch at the same pub as Gary and I visited yesterday, and then return.

We leave the canal towpath at the Bear on the Barge pub, and retrace the outward route taken yesterday, to Denham, here, a slight variation, we rejoin Tilehouse Lane, just outside of Denham, and cycle back to the campsite.

Another 18 miles!

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