Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cycle to Abingdon

Friday, 22nd April 2016

Cloudy and cool, but dry, until that is, we are 7 miles away from the van, on bicycles, at which point, the rain starts.

Our cycle ride takes us along the Thames Path to Abingdon. 

A little over 15 miles in total, and, it only rained slightly!

Saturday, 23rd April 2016

Weather grey and cold.

We have been away long enough to mean we need to do some "chores", eg washing clothes etc.


Sunday, 24th April 2016

What an odd day, in the morning, sitting in the sun, reading a book, by mid-afternoon, it is arctic.

Lunch time, we venture into Oxford, find one of the many "oldest pubs in Oxford", in our case, "The Chequers".

It turns out, they have a rather large range of different brands of Gin, so, we sample one or two, followed by Sunday Lunch. 

A stroke of luck, it is Kathleen's turn to have her favourite wine, it is on the wine list, but, they are out of stock, great, that means I get to have my favourite instead!

The alcohol has loosened Kathleen's grip on her purse, and she insists on paying for "treats" in a very pleasant Coffee Shop, Belgian Waffles, with banana, walnuts, ice cream and chocolate sauce, very nice. 

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