Sunday, 1 February 2015

Narbonne -> L'Estartit

Saturday 31st January 2015

In Narbonne, a bright and sunny day, but a cool 6C.

Today is our 28th Wedding anniversary, quite fitting that we should be spending it in Narbonne, we have spent lots of time here on various holidays and campervan trips.

A pleasant walk into town, do the obligatory check out the church mass times, for Kathleen, a browse around the indoor market, coffee and a sandwich, whilst watching the French being their usually laid-back selves.

For a short time, it appears we are about to have downpour, with spectacular clouds, but, soon it is all blue sky again.

On the Narbonne Aire, there is a decent power supply, so, Kathleen decides to attempt hair washing, in the van.

Now, this may not seem very exciting, to anyone reading this. who does not know Kathleen, but, to those who do.........

Disaster strikes, hair is all washed, just about to begin the conditioning and rinsing operation, and, the wash basin waste pipe becomes detached, soapy water everywhere!

Fortunately, I am on-hand, and able to reconnect the pipe pretty quickly.

Calm returns, and the French National Grid just have to put another Nuclear Power Station online to allow hair drying to continue. 

Sunday 1st February 2015

A howling gale all night, gives way to a freezing cold (2C) morning, with heavy showers.

Kathleen walks to church, half a mile, bless her. I hope her efforts are appreciated!

We leave at 11:15, by which time, the sun is shining, but, the wind is still howling.

The plan had been a short drive to Coulloire, France, but, given the weather, we decide to push on into Spain, so, 108 miles later, we roll into L'Estartit, Spain, Camping Les Medes. A pleasant site. weather bright and sunny, but, only 7C!, barely warmer than at home, and we are now c1,200 miles south!

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