Tuesday, 3 February 2015

L'Estartit -> Cambrils -> Benicassim

Monday 2nd February 2015

Weather Bright and sunny, but, it is no warmer, frost on the outside of the van windows when we wake up, so, we leave Camping Les Medes, heading south for Cambrils.

A nightmarish journey, in which, I think the moral of the story is, either leave the sat-nav to do it's job, or, switch it off, do not alternate between following the sat-nav instructions and doing your own thing.

We eventually arrive at Camping Joan, Cambrils, 160 miles later.

We eventually get parked, after (mostly) dodging the low trees, two other vans, which arrived with us, have given up and left, we should have done the same!

Surprise, surprise, we are parked next to a couple from Newcastle (Keith and Dot)!, they seem to have had a catalogue of disasters, including the failure of the domestic electrical system in the van, and, having the waste water outlet damaged. The local Campervan Garage have managed to fix the Electrics, but, they are having to wait for a part to fix the waste water outlet.

Cambrils is a pleasant place, but just about deserted at this time of year.

The weather is mild enough for a pleasant walk along the promenade, to give us a little exercise after sitting  in the van for several days.

By evening, it is quite cold, only 5C outside. 

The Electric Hook-up here is a rather poor 6amps, so, we have to alternate between using our limited gas supply and the Electric supply to keep warm.

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

It is still cold, plus, now it is raining and blowing a gale.

Kathleen borrows a pair of ladders from one of the onsite workmen, and using Duct tape, kindly supplied by our neighbour Keith, I am able to make a temporary repair to the damage from hitting one of the lower overhanging trees.

We set off for Benicassim.

The bad news is, the howling gale is blowing off the land, so, we get a real buffeting. 
Kathleen is not a happy passenger, a few "hail Marys" are being said I think, she certainly makes no comment on the route! 

At one stage, I do think of offering advice on what to do if we should be blown over, since the van would fall on "her" side, but, decide, best to keep quiet!

So, 100 wind battered miles later, we arrive at Bonterra Park, Benicassim, they have spaces, the sun is shining, it is 17C.

I am delegated the task of making lunch, using our outside gas stove, with Kathleen assisting as "sous chef".

The problem with Kathleen acting as "sous chef", is, she does not understand the principle that the "sous chef" does as instructed, ie, the response to "I need a stirring spoon", is "yes chef", not, "can't you see I am topping up my sun tan".

Eventually, despite the difficulties, I have lunch cooked, and soon, we are eating outside and having a glass or two of red wine. 

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