Thursday, 26 February 2015

Benicassim, Bonterra Park (February 21st - February 26th 2015)

Saturday 21st February 2015

Hair dyeing day.

Past experience is, the plastic gloves, supplied as part of the "kit" are far too small to fit my hands. Therefore, I purchased a pack of "man sized" plastic gloves, before we left home.

Kathleen ends up with hair dye all over her hands.

The following conversation ensues:

Me: "when Jonathan (her hairdresser) dyes your hair, do you get hair dye on your hands".

Kathleen: "No"

Me: "why do you think that is?".

Kathleen: "I am only trying to help".

Me: "Well don't"

Kathleen: A rare, but ominous, silence.

We survive the experience.

As we return from our walk along the coast, we notice there is a Folk / Country and Western "band" on at the camp restaurant, along with a set meal.

We book ourselves a table for the evening.

The evening makes an enjoyable change, but, neither the meal, nor the band, were remarkable! At least it wasn't expensive at 36Euro for two three course meals, bottle of wine, two very large Gin and Tonics and, two equally large brandies.

Sunday 22nd February 2015

It is  sunny, but, blowing a gale!

The cover from the folding bicycles had blown off and is stuck in a tree!

Kathleen heads off to church.

The bicycle cover drops out of the tree during a short lull in the gale.

By eleven o'clock the wind has died down enough to allow a walk along the coast.

I don't know what has happened at church, but, Kathleen returns with a mission to be, and I quote "a perfect wife".

I am not sure for how long Kathleen will be able to keep up the "perfection", or, for how long I will be able to stand it.

Monday 23rd February 2015

I have left crumbs on the kitchen work surface, what sounds like nagging begins, the "perfect wife" halo begins to slip.

A beautiful warm and sunny day, after the crumbs are vacuumed up, we spend the morning lying in the sun, and, the afternoon cycling, twelve miles.

Our Dutch and German neighbours have been looking after our interests while were out. They have discovered there is someone leaving tomorrow, and tell us a larger and more sunny pitch, will be coming available.

They assure us, they are not just trying to get rid of us and point out, we will still be neighbours, and, they do really like Kathleen's guitar playing!

During the conversation, Maria (the Dutch lady) tells us her husband is 96, and, she is 86. This amazes us, since they look no where near those ages. Eventually it is established she has the digits the wrong way around in the conversion from Dutch to English, it should be 69 and 68!

Tuesday 24th February 2015

The move to a sunnier pitch becomes complicated.

The site is just about full, we have a couple from Middlesboro waiting to move onto our existing pitch, and, the people from the pitch we are supposed to move to, have not yet left, they are too busy saying their goodbyes! This could go on all morning.

Eventually we get moved, only to find our new neighbour, was born in South Shields!

Wednesday 25th February 2015

A ride out on the scooter, to explore the area around Castellon, not terribly exciting, but, a nice change from the "tourist" coast.

Thursday 26th February 2015

A real scorcher of a day, but, there are chores to be done, clothes washing etc.

All done by 10:00am, then, a gentle walk along the coast, a beer in a beach side bar, followed by lying in the sun, with more beer.

It is a hard life, but, we struggle along.

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