Monday, 16 February 2015

Benicassim, Bonterra Park (February 14th - February 16th 2015.

Saturday 14th February 2015

We have not been terribly active for the past couple of days, so today, we cycle the 16 miles (there and back) to Castello Marina.

Kathleen still has the energy to go native, and join in the Dancing on the promenade.

Despite a reviving drink and tapas, she needs a sit down on the way back however!

We are told by our neighbours, Steve and Rosina, there is "something going on" in connection with St Valentines Day, in the evening, in Benicassim.

We arrive at 19:30, and, sure enough, eventually, the Motorcycle Policeman, who is spending his time allowing the children to operate the siren on his motorcycle, leaps into action, and halts the traffic.

The parade starts, dancers, floats, with children in fancy dress throwing sweets into the crowd.

Sunday 15th February 2015

Kathleen does her duty, off to church, for 9:00 Mass.

I have a cycle around town and check out possible eating places.

We spend most of the time leading upto lunch chatting to our English neighbour, retired from the Ambulance Service, Steve. He is of like mind with myself on many subjects, ie, a bit (well a lot) judgemental, based mainly on his experiences as an ambulance driver, dealing with the great British benefit claiming classes, which I suppose is why I get along with him so well.

He is not limited to the obese and other sundry dodgers.

I particularly like his take on the "dog owning" campervan / caravan set. His question is, if dogs could talk, would they be happy with being dragged away from home for three months, to live in a strange place? He cites the example of one dog owning camper on the site. He has two Husky dogs with him. Now, think about it, these animals have been bred (or evolved) to survive in the Arctic wastes at minus 20C, and here they are, in full winter gear, at 20C, not much fun at all. But did anyone think to ask the dog's opinion? 

It is a bright, warm and sunny day, so "torreon Terraza Restaurante", virtually on the beach, seems to fit the bill.

We cycle along there for lunch.

Excellent meal, total bill sees off my last 50Euro note, but not bad, I suppose, considering Kathleen had all three courses (ie Gin and Tonic, Wine, Liqueur).

Monday 16th February 2015

A day of domestic chores, clothes washing, food shopping, it has be done.

Steve and Rosina, depart, heading slowly home. This is a shame, we will miss them. I had begun to look forward to a daily Politically Incorrect chat with Steve.  

We cannot stay on our current pitch beyond Friday 20th, because there is a Rally arriving, and they have pre-booked this block of pitches.

We had planned to move on, but, the weather is improving, it is pleasant here, so, we decide we will stay a little longer. This means a move of pitch, we don't have such a good aspect, or as much sun, but, we will see how it goes.

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