Friday, 6 February 2015

Benicassim, Bonterra Park (4th Feb - 6th Feb)

Wednesday 4th February 2015

It would appear the weather here is even more topsy-turvy than the UK!

Sleet first thing this morning.

Cold but dry by 12:00, enough time to walk into town, register at the Library for the free WiFi in the town, and, to buy a Spanish data SIM. Necessary because 3's "free roaming" deal does not begin in Spain until April 2015. The good news is, between the favourable exchange rate and falling prices in Spain, it is only 15Euro (£11) for 3Gb of data.

By 15:00, sun is shining and it is warm enough to sit outside for a while.

Thursday 5th February 2015

We wake to a decided chilly morning!

Reading the BBC News on-line, I see there are reports of major snow storms further north in Spain (around Santander), roads blocked, people trapped in their cars etc etc.

Not sure if this is the usual scare mongering we are used to, or, time to follow Bryan and Joan's advice and head for Morocco!

Panic over, by 10:30, the sun has chased away the chill and we are able to have a very pleasant walk along the coast.

It is delightfully empty at this of year, with just the occasional beachside bar open, to allow the weary walker to rest their legs, and, of course have a beer or two.

Although the sun is shining, there is still a very stiff breeze (well, a small gale actually), so, it is necessary to stick to the sheltered areas.

Kathleen shows her domestic skills by rustling up an interesting lunch based on left overs. I manage to mess up by preparing (and cooking) one and a half very large carrots. This is deemed to be "far too much". My defence of "well you got the one and  a half carrots out, and put them on my work area", does not hold water, apparently I should have shown "initiative" and known it was too much. Now, I am sure all of you men out there will understand that 28 years of marriage somewhat dulls your "Initiative" and "decision making skills".   

Friday 6th February 2015

Even more sunshine, I temp fate and unload the folding bicycles and the scooter.

We decide to walk along the cycle track / footpath, to the next place, north along the coast, Orpresa del Mar.

This good intention is foiled because, after about 1.5 miles, we find the route blocked by works to install what appear to be very large drainage pipes.

We head back into Benicassim, via a rather interesting "Chinese bazaar". I have not seen this kind of store in the UK, but, they appear to fairly common in Spain. After about 20 minutes we emerge with a carrier bag of things we probably do not need (ie cycle cover, six shot glasses, a pack of curtain rings (wait, all will become clear), two food storage containers), the total at the checkout is 7Euro, I will just have to go back tomorrow, it is cheap entertainment.

We find a pleasant bar. I decide to have hot chocolate, it is incredible, it is like drinking a melted chocolate bar. I am afraid to take too long, in case it solidifies in the cup!

We find the bar is in the town's, free, WiFi hotspot, which we registered for on Monday, but, we do not have out User-id and password with us, so, cannot use it. Not that I would have dared take time out from drinking the hot chocolate!

Now, earlier, I mentioned a pack of curtain rings, why you may ask, other than the fact they were cheap, would we want, or need, curtain rings?

Well Kathleen's latest obsession, sorry, I mean past-time, is making tea-cosies.

The third one is currently in progress.

For some days, the subject of how to "finish off" the top has been causing Kathleen major strife, and, I mean strife on a scale similar, but worse than, Angela Merkel's worries about the Greek debt problem.

Apparently, the usual "pom-pom" will not cut it, so, today, in the Chinese Bazaar, a solution is found. A plastic curtain ring, wrapped in (matching of course) wool, will do nicely.

Perhaps Angela Merkel should visit a Chinese Bazaar?

I have spotted (via google) a Belgian Restaurant. Remembering how much we enjoyed the Belgian Restaurant in Roquetas de Mar, I have  a ride out on the scooter to check out the possibilities for lunch on Sunday. Sadly, it appears rather disappointing, more working mas cafĂ© than Restaurant, probably a good job I checked, I would have hated to have walked two miles on Sunday, to find it!

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