Friday, 30 January 2015

Rugles -> Uzerche -> Narbonne

Thursday 29th January 2015

First the good news, the fridge is working on gas again!

Applied the Engineer's favourite "fix", turn off the power completely, waited two minutes, turn it on again, all fixed!

Although the Aire at Rugles is "open", and we have Electric hook-up, there is no water supply, presumably it is turned off to prevent freezing.

The rain poured down all night, this morning it is drizzle, with fog, and about a chilly 4C.

Given how much rain we are having, and, last years experiences of the flooded Aire in the Landes Region, we decide to go around the Pyrenees at the East side.

So, we head for Uzerche, and Aire we have used before, where we expect to find a full complement of services.

Three hundred and four miles, alternating between pouring rain and heavy drizzle, we arrive at Uzerche.

About eight other vans there, but, no electricity working and no drinking water. Toilets and emptying point are functioning however.

Friday 30th January 2015

Overnight the temperature drops to -2C, we wake up to icy ground, with a light dusting of snow.

However, it has stopped raining!

The sky is blue and the sun is shinning.

We head for Narbonne.

Now, anyone reading this, with a view to following this as a route to Spain, particularly in winter, my advice is THINK AGAIN.

This may is a very scenic route, and would be great fun in a good car, but, in a campervan, towing a trailer, in January, not much fun.

Snow on the ground for most of the way.

Not much traffic, but, that only made me wonder, (until we reached the A75),  "has this road been gritted?"

Fortunately it stayed bright and sunny, if it had snowed, or been foggy, it would have been more than cross words.

Follow the well used route, down the N10 to Biaritz, then into Spain, heading for the coast via Zarogoza.

Arrived Narbonne, 8C, not raining, Electricity, water etc all working.

I think we may stay here until Sunday morning, thus allowing for the Church going.

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