Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January 2015, Destination Spain, for Sun (we hope).

Tuesday 27th January 2015

Left home at 08:30.

Weather, overcast, but dry, not cold, given it is January in the UK!

A totally uneventful 351 mile drive from home to Black Horse Farm Caravan Club Site, at Densole, near Folkstone. Arriving 16:15.

Kathleen has strained a muscle in her back again, so, she spent most of the journey lying on the bed, and indeed, falls asleep, for most of the way. This means I had only one female voice giving me directions (ie, the Sat-Nav).

Past experience is, this is the worst part of any trip, so, fingers crossed for an good time.

A walk to the Black Horse Pub, a short distance from the site, for a very acceptable bottle of Red, and a meal, the fun times begin!

Not sure how this map thing is going to work out, first time I have tried it!

Wednesday 28th January 2015

We wake up to a dismal January day, foggy, heavy drizzle and cold!

A short drive to the Tunnel, but, with plenty of traffic hold-ups, even in less than five miles!

The Shuttle is just about empty, we are put on the 09:20 train, rather than the 09:50 we are booked on.

The mist and drizzle continue at Calais.

The plan is to drive to Montoir-sur-Le-Loir, but, we know from past experience, there are limited (ie only one or possibly two) Electric hook-ups there, and, our fridge is playing up (again!) it will not work on Gas, which means we need Electric hook-up.

We rethink, and decide to head for Rugles, it is nearer (only 200 miles), and, there are more Electric hook-up points (about six).

So Rugles it is, 201 miles of drizzle and mist, turning to pouring rain the further south we go.

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