Monday, 13 October 2014

Saumur, continued....

Friday 10th October 2014 - Monday 13th October 2014  

Friday dawns with a thick mist, frizzy hair day, as Kathleen would call it, so, we must wait for the sun to "burn off" the mist.

Then, first task, to find the church which has a Saturday evening Mass (St Lambert de Levee). Google maps to the rescue.

As a bonus, we also find the Lidl.

On our return, our folding bicycles attract some attention from our new English neighbours, Brian and Norma.

 photo IMGP3003_zps3d73e7ba.jpg After lunch we head off on the bicycles again, the intention is to follow the cycle track along the banks of the Loire.

It is mild, but, with a significant amount of cloud cover.

After about three miles, we feel the first drops of rain, so, we turn back and head for Saumur town centre.

By chance, we encounter a very large Commercial Centre / Le Clerc on the edge of town, a suitable place to shelter from the rain.

 photo IMGP3004_zps3b71ad41.jpg Kathleen has still not acquired my birthday present, by good luck, the Le Clerc has Courvoisier.

We discover, they also have a drink called "Mandarine Napolean", which our friends, Bryan and Joan had told us about.

Kathleen decides to buy both for my birthday.

It is my lucky day.

My luck doesn't last, Kathleen has no money with her!

 photo IMGP3005_zpsfb364a84.jpg So, I buy myself a bottle of Courvoisier and a bottle of Mandarine Napolean, for my birthday.

The rain has stopped, and we have blue skies, when we emerge from the Le Clerc, but, I am weighed down with bottles of drink and a three litre box of wine, so, we limit out cycle ride to just over six miles and head back to the van to sample the Mandarine.


Saturday and Sunday, weather is "changeable", although, we do not actually get much rain, but, the uncertainty limits the length of our cycle rides.

Lunch on Saturday, and we are able to eat outdoors in the square.

Saturday evening we able to peddle to St Lambert De Levees, so Kathleen can attend church, and return, without a soaking.

Sunday, a forecast thunderstorm, turns out to be a few heavy drops of rain, and a few distant rumbles of thunder, not enough to prevent a walk with refreshments!

 photo IMGP3006_zps89072a14.jpg Monday. Blue sky, sunshine.

We decide to cycle along the River Loire.

I want to cycle along the South facing river bank, ie, the opposite side to the Chateau.

I actually checked it out on Saturday evening, whilst Kathleen was at church.

It is not a dedicated cycle track, but the road is very quiet, with a  30kph (20mph) speed limit.

Loire Valley photo IMGP3007_zps657817c4.jpg I am over-ruled in favour of the North facing river bank, because:
  • It has a dedicated cycle track.
We will pass the Le Clerc, and can then buy another bottle of Manderine Napoleon.

Kathleen says so.

The positive aspect of this decision is the route is very scenic, but, since at points in leaves the river bank, it is a bit up and down hill.

The folding bicycles are good, but, they are not ideal for steep hills!

Nevertheless, we manage just over 16 miles, and, acquire a bottle on Manderine Napoleon.

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