Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Coulon, continued....

Sunday 5th October 2014 - Tuesday 7th October 2014

Not a lot works out as planned today, but, a good day never the less.

It is Sunday, so, off we peddle into Coulon, where, according to the church noticeboard, there is a Mass, at 10:30.

There is also supposed to be a Market, but, after Friday's effort, we are not expecting too much.

We arrive at the church, much to Kathleen's disappointment, the mass is cancelled, there is an alternative posted, but, it is also at 10:30 and is in a village 10 miles away! Since we are on the bicycles, not the scooter, it is simply not possible to get there.

The market is slightly more grand, about five stalls selling foodstuffs, two of which are selling fish. Not of interest to Kathleen!

We retire to the van to have coffee and soak up some rays, before cycling back into Coulon to have an early "birthday meal" (it is my birthday tomorrow).

I treat Kathleen to an excellent meal at the "Quai Sud Restaurant".

Wait a minute, did I just type that?

It is MY birthday, and I am treating Kathleen, I think I have been done AGAIN!

 photo IMGP2991_zpsa20c6557.jpg Monday, my birthday, and he weather forecast is right, it is raining and rather cool.

All of our neighbours, and Kathleen's audience:

  • a Dutch couple, who seem to enjoy cycling and drinking red wine, so, nice people!
  • the Belgian couple who are fellow cyclists, scooter riders, and, red wine drinkers
  • The English couple, Susan and Ian, Brompton Folding bicycle riders

are leaving today, we are rather sad to see them go!

Autumn has definitely arrived, the ground is carpeted in fallen leaves.

 photo IMGP2992_zps189ae910.jpg Tuesday, more rain, for most of the day.

We manage to get the scooter and bicycles loaded, in between the showers, without getting too wet.

Towards evening, it brightens enough to get outdoors for a stroll.

We encounter this rather attractive Gite, just along the road. It looks very attractive, at least from the outside. Perfect if you like tranquillity.


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