Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tuesday 18th September 2012 - Thursday 20th September 2012

Stocach is an unusual Stelplatz.

There is a Campsite, and Stellplatz, both attached to a large Motorhome/Caravan dealers premises.

You have the choice, you can stay on the ASCI registered campsite and pay 16Euro/night, plus tourist tax, or, you can stay on the Stelplatz, and pay 10Euro per night, including electricity and use of the (excellent) campsite facilities, including washing machines and dryers.

The stellplatz is actually more suitable for motorhomes, since it is more level, the only downside is you have to walk a bit further to the facilities.

We have reached a stage where we MUST do some chores, no clean clothes left!, so, most of our two days here are spent in using the washing machine.

The weather is not magnificent, but we do manage a walk into the rather pretty town.

We meet an English couple, the first we have seen for sometime.

They recommend, an aire at a place called Kaiserberg.

Kaiserberg, has toilets, but no showers or electricity, it is, as you can see, a "car park" aire.

It is extremely busy, even, in late September, so you need to be there not later than early afternoon to stand any real chance of getting a place.

It is 7Euro per 24hours, with free water, and service point, the attraction is the town, just a short walk away.

It is quite amazing, a middle ages village, preserved more or less intact, but, as a functioning village.

Clearly, it is something of a tourist attraction, but, it is not full of tourist tat, which often spoils places like this.

Given that we are only a short distance from the Rhine, quite how this place escaped destruction during both wars is a mystery.

The information board at the church, which was built around 1320, gives this amusing little tale. If you look at the freeze carved above the main entrance (which depicts the crowning of the Virgin Mary, in heaven), the small figure at the far right, is the architect /master mason, Conrad, who built the church, he has included himself in the heavenly group. Clearly he feels he deserved it!

So, we spend our afternoon and evening strolling through the streets, drinking in the pavement cafe, and later, having a meal.

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