Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sunday 22nd September 2012 - Wednesday 26th September 2012

Charmes, continued

Mack and Josie have decided to leave, we are in the process of saying goodbye, when (yet another) pair of Scots turn up, Glen and Mary, it turns out they live about 10 miles from Mack and Josie.

We leave the four of them chatting, while we head off on our bicycles.

We cycle eight miles along the canal (Canal d’Est), which runs alongside the River Moselle.

It is easy cycling, and quite pleasant, but, to be honest not terribly scenic!

When we return, we find Mack and Josie have reconnected their van to the electricity and are sitting drinking coffee with new arrivals, Glen and Mary. We join them, lo and behold, as we sit there, yet another British pair come walking along (Deryk and Erica). They are not travelling by campervan, but, instead are roaming the waterways of France in their canal boat.

After lunch, we walk into town to have a beer and then buy strawberry tarts. 

On our way back to the van, we call at Deryk and Erica’s boat (Star of Destiny).

Kathleen, never shy, asks if we can have a look around, and they, very kindly oblige.

It is very impressive, like a small house really. A real kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and the wheelhouse doubles up as a dining room come conservatory. You could be VERY comfortable onboard this!

As the day wears on, more and more vans arrive, all German, Dutch and Belgian. By early evening, there is quite a little drinking session going on, with ourselves and some Dutch neighbours, who actually ask if Kathleen will play her guitar.

The Pizza man arrives to take orders for take out Pizza, how organised is this place?

After a very pleasant and warm day, we have rain and gale force winds over night, it has not improved by Monday morning.

We make our planned move to Pont a Mousson.

It is dry when we arrive, but soon, the rain catches up with us.

Still, from what I see in the Newspaper, the weather is even worse at home, small consolation!

Pouring rain all Monday night, which lasts until after lunch Tuesday, Kathleen resorts to washing her hair, to occupy herself.

Just as I am about to slope off to McDonalds to use the wifi, Glen and Mary arrive from Pont a Mousson.

Wednesday morning, and it is still raining heavily.

We pack up and head for Stenay, via a couple of supermarkets, where we stop to top up Kathleen's hoard of Gin, Rose Wine and White Wine.

When we eventually arrive at Stenay, who is already sitting there but Mack and Josie!

Still raining!

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