Saturday, 22 September 2012

Friday 14th September 2012 - Monday 17th September 2012

Friday, and the weather appears to be improving, so we are able to cycle along the cycle track by lakeside into St Gilgen.

St Gilgen turns out to be a picture postcard Austrian Village, very pretty, in fact, on our way there we almost cycle through a filmset by the lake, where they are making a scene from some TV program we will obviously never see, since it is in Austrian!

We have lunch, and sit by the lake in the sun, just enjoying the scenery, and of course, indulge in the hunt for a church, on the assumption we will be here on Sunday.

But, Saturday arrives, and it is dull and raining heavily, this place is really just like the English Lake District!

Beautiful although it is, we decide, if it is raining, we may as well be driving, we head west toward Germany, having decided we will stay at Ubersee (where we stayed on our way East.

Sunday and the sun is shinning, that is better!.

Kathleen peddles off to church, while I laze in the sun.

We meet for coffee and cake at a little cafe in the town, after church. An odd conversation ensues, I think the owner of the cafe must be Italian rather than German, but a mixture of Kathleen's German, and some pidgeon Italian, with much gesturing gets us the coffee and cake we want.

Having stuffed ourselves with cake, good intentions dictate that we must work it off, so we cycle around the countryside,

with of course a "radler stop"

If we are going to come to Germany again, I need to improve my German at least to the mediocre level of my French, at least I can do the essentials, ie order drinks in French!

The end of another great day.

Monday, we cycle to the nearby Cheimsee, my original intention was to cycle all of the way around the lake, but, in reality it turned out to be much bigger than I thought!

So, we settle for doing a small part of it, and very attractive it is too.

Tomorrow, we will be heading toward the Bordensee, but, this stelplatz is a little find, we would definately use this again.

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