Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tuesday 11th September 2012 - Thursday 13th September 2012

We cycle the eight miles, into Vienna, along an excellent cycle track which runs alongside the River Danube and Danube canal.

I am rather disappointed to see, the Danube is not blue, as in the song, but, a rather green/brown colour.

It is true to form for Austria/Germany, well maintained, clean, well signposted, and plenty of "radler" (shandy) stops.

We do the usual sight seeing things, St Stephens Basilica.

Statues, of people we have never heard of, this guy was a Fieldmarshal.

Presumably, a Fieldmarshal who led from the office, since he lived to be 84. "Send another 10,000 forward!, oh, and could you pass the port".

Some nice public gardens, the best part of any city, in my humble opinion.

A rather magnificient, and beautifully maintained Parliament building, well, the politicians always take good care of themselves don't they?

Vienna is another beautiful European City, I am not really a city person, but our European neighbours definately know how to make their cities "people friendly", why can't we do this?

We have had an amazing run of good weather, it is weeks since we saw rain. But, that all comes to an end on Tuesday night, with a thunder storm.

Wednesday, I manage a 12 mile cycle ride along the Danube, out of Vienna, while Kathleen is laid up with the usual "leg problem", ie big red blotches on both legs.

By 16:00 on Wednesday, it is raining again, so the plan is to move on, tomorrow. Kathleen has spent some of her time looking at our route home, and has realised, we are still 1,000 miles (approximately), from Calais.

I suppose we should not complain about a bit of rain, since we have had day after day of glorious sunshine, but, Thursday comes, and it is raining again.

A dismal drive in pouring rain across northern Austria. Not mountainous like the south, not that it would have mattered, visibility is so poor you cannot see the scenery.

We arrive at Birkenstrand Camping am Wolfgangsee, near St  Gilgen, Abersee, another ASCI site.

The site is about 1.5 miles from the village of St Gilgen, on the shore of a lake. It has the potential to be a beautiful place, if it would just stop raining!

It looks very like the Lake District, including the rain!

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