Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday 3rd September 2012

We are off to Budapest.

Kathleen has done her homework, since we have to navigate there and find the campsite using just our road atlas and a map of Budapest from the tourist information office in Keszthley.

We take the "easy" option, M7 motorway along Lake Balaton, until we reach the Budapest outer ring road (M0), as you can see, Hungarian motorways look pretty much like any other, except they are almost empty!

All goes remarkably well, we do have a little hiccup on leaving the outer ring road (the M0), when we end up going south instead of north on the M6, but, that is rectified in only 3km and we are soon going in the correct direction on the M6, then onto the A6 and into the outskirts of Budapest.

All goes well, until we reach the Lagymanyosi bridge over the Danube, first problem is, for some reason, they have changed the name of the bridge, it is now the Rakogzi Bridge.

Then we miss a turn.

From there on everything goes pear shaped.

It is usually around this time in these adventures, that I ask myself, why do we do these things?

In an attempt to turn around and get back to where we should have been, we end up in a small side street, and then things get even worse, there are road works, and the gap between parked machinery and vans is too narrow for us to get through. One of the workers attempts to guide us through, but even with wing mirrors folded in, it is impossible. We have to wait until they move some of the equipment, before we can squeeze through.

Plan B, we spot a taxi rank, Kathleen hops out of the van and engages a taxi driver to guide us there. This he does, with only one (rather scary) U-turn over some tram lines, for 1500Florints (£5), money well spent I think.

The site is good, typical city centre site, crowded and a bit cramped, but the facilities are good, the WiFi is free, and the owner is friendly and helpful.

The metro is (we are told), a short walk away. 

Kathleen learns that all EU citizens 65 and over, get free travel on the metro, trams and buses, she is made up. 

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