Saturday, 22 September 2012

Friday 21st September 2012 - Saturday 22nd September 2012

Charmes, one of many aires on the River Moselle, and, it's associated canal.

For 6Euro per night, you get Electric hook up (6amps), toilets, showers (1.50Euro), and the usual service point.

It even has a wifi point (WIFI STOP), 3Euro for two days, or 16Euro for a year! There are, apparently, WIFI STOP points throughout France. I must have come across at least one before, since, When I come to register, it turns out, I am already registered.

It is fairly well used, but, when we were there at least, not too busy.

This is the view from our window.

As we arrive, we follow another British van ( well actually a Scot to be exact) in, this turns out to be Mack and Josie, a spritely pair in their mid 70's who still roam Europe in their campervan, and usually drive down to Portugal for the winter.

Just as I said before, that some chores just have to be done, so it is with haircuts, just because you are away from home, your hair does not stop growing.

As Kathleen begins cutting my hair in the sunshine, another Brit comes along and introduces himself, he is one of a couple (Steve and Ann), who are on a two year marathon trip, with no plan beyond today.

With six Brits on one aire, what are we to do, well, have a drink together of course, and soon the wine, red, white and rose is flowing. Then, Steve invites us all to eat with them, and tells us, he has cooked enough Spaghetti Bolognaise to feed six people.

Just to put a damper on the party, we feel a few spots of rain, so, we move under a tree, then, the heavens open, and we all scurry, into Steve and Ann's van.

I am not sure how, but, he manages to serve up a meal for six, in between drinking copious amounts of red wine!

The fun goes on fairly late into the night, and ends up with everyone, including Kathleen drinking brandy (Kathleen doesn't even like brandy!).

If this is the way Steve and Ann jouney is going to continue, I am not sure their livers will stand the pace!

Saturday morning, and Steve and Ann head off, just slighly hungover, after exchanging Email addresses.

A trip to Lidl with Mack and Josie, to replentish the wine supplies.

In the afternoon, I cycle along the canal in search of a church (the church in Charmes is closed, due to lack of a priest). I manage to find not one, but two, however, they are over five miles away, and neither of them have a mass tomorrow. It turns out, the nearest church with a mass, is ten miles away at Chatel-sur-Moselle. A ten mile cycle ride before 10:00 in the morning is too much, even for Kathleen's determination!

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