Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Devizes Caravan Club Site, Seend, nr Devizes


We did not expect to be staying here, but, since we are we take advantage of the excellent cycling along the canal.

I am in desperate need of a haircut, so we cycle the five miles or so along the canal to Devizes.

After an initial false start, ie heading in the wrong direction!, we are soon peddling toward Devizes.

Now, I usually manage to convince Kathleen to take part in these cycling outings, using the argument, than canals do not go up hills.

I will not be able to use that line again, we soon encounter a flight of some 20 or so locks, and the canal rises steadily over a distance of about a mile. We arrive panting at the top of the hill.

Devizes is a quaint place, I soon find a Barber Shop, for a quick haircut, and then we have a little wander, stopping for coffee and cake.

Seeing these signs outside of a Butchers Shop, could not resist a photograph, clearly, a butcher with a sense of humour.

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