Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wood Farm, Charmouth, Dorset

Wednesday 16th May 2012

The sun is still shining!

The site appears to be excellent, we are at the top of a hill, with excellent views.

I suspect this is not going to be cycling country, too hilly, so we will have to get our walking shoes on.

During our exploring of Charmouth, we come across a speciality Chocolate Shop. They are advertising "healthy chocolate, fat free and sugar free" We buy some. I am wary of this, based on my experience of low fat biscuits (which are like eating beer mats). The "healthy chocolate" does not disapoint, take my advice, don't bother, it is just like eating candle grease.

Thursday, we decide to walk it to Lyme Regis.

Looking at the map, it is about 1 mile west along the coast. But, the footpath is closed due to a landslide, so we have to take the inland route, through the woods.

A very pleasant 2.5 mile walk, a bit hilly, well, to be honest VERY hilly.

We will have to repeat this walk, probably, on Sunday, since the Catholic Church is in Lyme Regis. There is a bus service, which we discover will stop for you just outside of the campsite, even although it is not an official bus stop.

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