Monday, 7 May 2012

Cheltenham Racecourse, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, contd

Saturday 5th May, 2012, we actually get some sunshine! Not all day, and it is only through the occasional breaks in the cloud, but sunshine never-the-less.

We take the bus to Tewkesbury.

This is where we should have been staying, earlier in the week, but the Caravan Club Site there is flooded.

This is the approach road to the site, it certainly is flooded, as you can see, with an intrepid 4x4 driver chickening out, and reversing out the flood.

The Cricket ground is next door, and is under a couple of feet of water, goodness knows when the next cricket match will be played there, but not in the next week or so, that is for sure!

All, that can be seen of the Caravan site, is the sign marking the entrance.

Tewkesbury itself appears quite a pleasant place, plenty of places to eat and drink, and the caravan site is within a short walk of the town centre, perhaps we will try this one again, at some future date, when it dries out!

The Cathederal, (or is it an Abbey, not sure, but I think it is) is still quite high above the flood level.

We have an explore and are treated to a very pleasant musical interlude by the choir, who are doing a practice session in there.

Sunday, we have a fine sunny day!, this is the first day it has not rained since we left home two and a half weeks ago.

But of course, Sunday is church day for Kathleen, so we walk into Cheltenham and Kathleen attends Mass, whilst she does this, I buy myself a Sunday paper, and find myself a park bench to sit reading it.

After church, it is bacon sandwiches and a coffee, then we take advantage of the dry and sunny weather to have a walk through the countryside around the Racecourse.

We manage a circular walk of almost three miles, without getting wet, amazing.

We even see the steam train, which runs past the racecourse.

I have not mentioned this, but, I bought a cordless handheld VAX vacuum cleaner, for Kathleen. She had the made the occasional complaint (ie moaned continually) about having to clean the van with a sweeping brush. 

So being a generous sort of chap, I bought this little device to placate her.

She absolutely loves it, and cannot resist constant vacuuming of every crumb dropped, or bit of dust, whatever. Kathleen and that VAX are inseperable.

Bank Holiday Monday, and the weather is back to normal, freezing and pouring with rain, as we leave Cheltenham and head for our next stop, which is Bristol. 

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